July 3, 2008 was the day. The day that changed my life as I knew it forever...the day I bought my new construction, this-is-so-suburban-what-was-I-thinking-but-I-still-kinda-love-it HOUSE! Owning your 1st home is incredibly gratifing. It is also wonderfully overwhelming. I started this blog to document my decor projects, lessons learned, how I organized my kitchen/bathroom/bills/life, and all the other million things that come with decorating, maintaining and enjoying a house. I am also a firm believer in reusing/repurposing items, so I hunt thrift stores and my own basement before I decorate any space.

As for me personally, I am a thirty year old (yikes, how did that happen?!) Kansas City native. I spend my weekdays crunching numbers and running reports as a Business Analyst, and I spend my weekends designing, decorating and dreaming of new DIY projects to complete. My dog Charlie, a cuddly Cockapoo, is the apple of my eye. You can usually find Justin, my husband, best friend and design partner-in-crime and me spray painting anything and everything in our back yard like crazy people or at Home Depot, where the nice old man in the paint section knows us by name.

I love to interact with other bloggers, design-enthusiasts and anyone else with a passion for decorating, wine, KU basketball, dogs, music and food, so please drop me a line anytime.

love, Suzanne
email  suburbanspunk@gmail.com
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