Mini Makeover Photo Wall

Being on maternity leave has been amazing. It's allowed me to heal physically, settle into somewhat of a routine and spend precious time with our new son, Dylan.

It has also proven to be a bit dangerous for my husband, as I am now home all day and keep thinking of new house projects.

There has been one area of our great room that I have wanted to makeover for quite some while. I had put a buffet cabinet (that actually matches our dining table) and some random art to fill this area a few years back and it ultimately stayed this way for far too long. The cabinet and art were much too small and it didn't work with the rest of the room.

I found a console table that I liked on Amazon and pulled the trigger. Click HERE for the link to the table.

This table measure 64 inches wide, where as the existing one measured just 44 inches. Though it's much wider, it is also more shallow, so it tucks nicely in the little nook. I wanted to go with this type of design, to allow for storage baskets to be used. With baby stuff and dog toys filling up our room, this will allow for easy, accessible storage.

The vintage milk crate was a flea market find and holds blankets. The white-bottom basket was a gift and holds Dylan's swaddle blankets. I feel as though we are always reaching for these blankets for him, so it's nice to be able to quickly grab these.

The basket on top holds a few votives and some of our wine cork collection.

I also wanted to redo the art above the table. It was a hodge podge of sorts and didn't really go with the rest of the room. I have been wanting to use these large, oversized Ikea Ribba frames that have been famous on blogs for years now, and I figured this was the perfect blank wall to try them out on. Plus, I was itching to frame some of Dylan's photos from his newborn shoot:)

Justin was on baby duty and I made record fast trip to Ikea. I was in and out in under an hour, on a Saturday no less. It's amazing how efficient one becomes when they are a parent! I picked up 6 of the 19 3/4" square frames in black. They hold 12x12 photos, which aren't the easiest size prints to order. After much research and disappointing recent experiences with both Snapfish and Shutterfly, I discovered AdoramaPix and I am obsessed! Although it's a bit more expensive, the prints are the highest quality I have found with any online printing service. I will be ordering all of my photos from them here on out (and no, I was not paid or sponsored in anyway. I'm just ecstatic to find a quality online printer).

Lastly, we wanted to add some console lamps. After searching online for weeks, I ended up buying lamps at Target. We love how they look, though I will warn you that the lamps are bright went on, even with just 40 watt bulbs, the clear glass does not diffuse the light at all. Originally, I bought the lamps in brass but they didn't look right. Back to the store for the onyx finish, I went.

This little niche in our great room is finally just how I envisioned it!

Have a great weekend! xoxo, S+J