An unexpected upgrade....

I should know better than to ever call a room in our home done. This Fall, I declared our master bedroom d.o.n.e. Over the last year, we repainted, upgraded the lighting, purchased new nightstands, a dresser and a bed and switched up the window treatments. Literally, everything but the floor had changed. I was happy with it. The hubs was happy and life was good.

Fast forward two months to November. We were browsing Nebraska Furniture Mart looking for a deep freezer and we decided to just walk through the clearance room. No intention to buy anything, just window shop a bit. Well, we had made our way around through the clearance area and were walking out when out of the corner of my eye, I spot this beauty-

I figured it was way over budget, plus we just a few months ago bought a new bed, but I couldn't stop admiring it. Justin, sensing my admiration, looked at the tag which was marked down from the original retail price of $2500 to.... $499.

For the entire, king-size bed. We went back and forth for awhile. The poor saleslady was so patient with us. When Justin asked if this was the best price they could do, she came back with a final offer of $474. We couldn't believe it. Although it was just $25, the fact that came down at all after such a markdown was amazing, She explained that since it was the day before Thanksgiving and they were anticipating crazy amounts of people on Black Friday, they needed everything gone to make way for the Black Friday specials. Although we have eliminated almost all extra spending the past few months, in our quest to be debt free, we figured we would kick ourselves if we didn't get this. It was too good of a deal to pass on something we loved.

The caveat was that the bed was missing its rails. For a discount of $2000, we figured we could buy some lumber, make the slats and still come out way ahead.

Thankfully, my sweet father-in-law was available to help Justin and the two of them were able to make the rails, figure out what they needed, as floor models don't come with instructions or even all of the hardware typically, and get this beauty all set-up.

After a few calls to the manufacturer and to Nebraska Furniture Mart because we were given the wrong hardware and no instructions and several trips to the hardware store, it came together.

As it seems to always go, this purchase lead to another. We have been wanting to upgrade the mattress in our guest room the past several years. We had an OLD mattress that was the equivalent to sleeping on plywood in our guest room. We have overnight guests pretty frequently and I always cringed when we sent someone to the guest room.

We found a great deal on a mattress and moved our existing bed and mattress to the guest room and moved in the new bed and mattress to our master bedroom. Luckily, our guest room is pretty large for a secondary bedroom and fits the king size bed. The bed actually looks great in there, as if it was meant to be.

*Please ignore the poor photo quality, the too small bedding and lack of art. Our guest room is in the middle of a 'refresh'.

Feels good to start the New Year off in a beautiful new bed. It's also given me the motivation to finish up our much neglected guest room. The projects never seem to end...   but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cheers to 2015!
xoxo- S

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