2014: A Year of Exploring and Bedroom Makeovers

2014 went by in a blink of an eye. It was a good year overall filled with challenges, changes, blessings, travel and lessons. As every year should be.

I always seem to end the year feeling as though I didn't accomplish everything I wanted, especially when it comes to house projects. Thanks to blogging about our projects, I am able to look over what we did accomplish and it always surprises me.

Here's a recap of our 2014 house projects:

January 2014 our fireplace went from this builder basic, orange-stained wood fireplace mantel:

to this refinished, newly tiled fireplace:

February 2014 brought changes to our great room, in the form of a new rug, new patterned chair, new mantel decor and fresh throw pillows. It's amazing how much a new rug can really pull a room together. It was this year that I grew to really love this room.

The very next month, our never-ending bedroom makeover began with a new dresser and nightstands-

I made DIY knock-off Kate Spade Nesting Boxes for my office-

Summer brought some much needed exterior updates. Our side yard got some love-

Shutters were added, which really helped dress up the front of our home.

Our front door got a dose of pretty robin's egg blue.

This Fall, the faucet in our guest bath got replaced with this beauty-

 Our bedroom makeover continued with fresh paint-

As did our great room with a shiny new coffee table-

Of course, 2014 wasn't just full of projects and new home decor. We had a lot of fun this year and I traveled quite a bit.

In April, we visited the amazing Napa Valley.

May brought a roadtrip to Arkansas.

I enjoyed a quick trip to New York City in August.

August was also when we vacationed in Telluride.

I accepted a new job in September and immediately enjoyed a week long work trip in Scottsdale.

The next month, I went to Vegas. Although this was also for a conference for work, I was able to have some fun too. This was my view from my room at the Cosmopolitan.

December brought a much needed escape to Miami.

2014, of course, had some low points as well. The great times wouldn't seem so sweet without some bitter.

We said goodbye to our Zorro.

I suffered a third dislocation of my knee and am facing surgery.
We also got hyper-focused on finances and becoming 100% debt-free by taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course. We hope to make major strides this year.

Overall, it was a great year. Can't wait to see what 2015 brings!

We've got a lot on our to-do list this year! Can't wait to get started.

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