Dear Santa...

I always seem to struggle with coming up with a list when my relatives ask what I would like for Christmas. The thing is, there is not much that I really need at the moment. So when Justin asked me last night what our plan was this year, I wasn't sure what to say.

In the past, we have exchanged small gifts with each other and then purchased something we both needed/wanted. A few years ago, we bought a TV. One year it was a new iPad. Last year, we didn't exchange gifts and saved up for new bedroom furniture (purchased in the Spring) instead. This year, there isn't a big-ticket item we need or really excited about.

Luckily, Justin came up with a great idea. We have been very disciplined the past few months, essentially eliminating almost all 'extra' expenses. We have made some great strides financially and want to ensure we don't lose focus during the holidays. However, we also agreed it was important to treat ourselves, just a bit. Being on a money diet is similar to a regular diet. If you deprive yourself too much, you just may end up binge eating buying, which isn't good for anyone.

So, Justin came up with...activity gifts. We agreed to exchange gifts with one another but the 'gift' must be something we can enjoy together. This way, we are selecting something we think the other would enjoy but also spending time together. Some things I'm considering: couples massage, painting class, day trip somewhere fun, cooking class, concert tickets (two of our favorites Alan Jackson and the Beach Boys are coming to KC), photography course, a Feng Shui course (not sure he'll go for that) or a night at a local b&b. Regardless of what we both select, I'm excited for 2 great date nights ahead!

If you are interested in something similar, UMKC offers really affordable classes on a variety of topics, under their Communiversity Classes. Click HERE for a full list. Also, the Culinary Center of Kansas City is a fantastic place and offers really interesting class options. Of course, Groupon and Living Social offers great deals for fun activities as well.

For more tangible gift ideas, here is my 2014 Christmas Wish List. This could easily be applied to a colleague, best gal pal, sister-in-law, aunt, whomever....

1. Desk Calendar

In this all-things-digital era we live in now, I find cute little desk calendars a welcome reprieve. THIS ONE from PaperSource would be just darling on a desk. Plus, I like to cross off the days as they pass.

2. Replacement Kendra Scott Earrings
I asked and received these earrings 2 years ago for Christmas. I wore them constantly. Then, last year I was leaving a concert and wrapped my scarf around my neck and one of my earrings fell off in the process. We looked everywhere for it but couldn't find it in the crowd of people:(

The very ones I love are on sale for $35, down from $60. I may just have to pull the trigger.

3.  Plaid Blanket Scarf
Zara started the trend last year with their immediately sold-out version. This year, these are everywhere.

These do pop up on flash sites, like GroopDealz and Jane but are only up for a few days. Every time I have looked, they have been Sold Out.

4.  New Shoes!
Because of our spending-freeze, I haven't bought any clothes or shoes in a. long. time. My closet is full of stuff, so I have learned to be creative. However, my shoe collection is lacking. I'd love a new pair of booties.
Loving These from Nordstrom

Now, these items below are NOT on my wish list at the moment but are really interesting new products. They are definitely items I would consider purchasing once our spending freeze is over.

5. Home Depot/Lowes Gift Cards

Although we haven't tackled a new house project in awhile, that does not mean we don't have several projects still on the horizon. I feel like a broken record, but we will be redoing our master bathroom in 2015. I have a plan in mind and the tile picked out, just got to save our pennies!

It's not the most exciting list, but these are all things I would so appreciate.
What's on your list this year?

Is anyone else in denial that Christmas is just 35 days away!?!



  1. Wow! Just found your blog somehow and realized you live in KC! I'm from the same area. Not KC but a little town near Lawrence, KS. I love all of the items on your list and will definitely be adding some of them to my list. You found a new follower!

    You can find me at itfreezesbeautifully.blogspot.com :)

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thank you for stopping by! I'm a KU girl, so anywhere near Lawrence is a great place to me:) I will check your blog out as well. Cheers!

    2. I definitely love the Jayhawks! It was a little too close to home for me to go to school though so I went to Pitt State :)


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