The hunt is over...our new coffee table is here

Several years ago, I purchased this coffee table off Craigslist for $15.

 *This is an old photo but one of the best I could find of our old table.

It filled my requirements at the time: large, glass, cheap. I only meant for this to be a temporary solution, as the glass had a crack on one corner and it was so unbelievably heavy, that Justin and I could barely move it enough to vacuum around it. However, it was the right size and shape and so it stayed. I always kept my eyes out for its permanent replacement but I could never find the perfect solution. Tables were either too small for our 98" long sofa, the wrong shape or $$$.

Fast forward to last month, Justin and I were enjoying a beautiful fall day on the Plaza in Kansas City and wandered into one of our favorite stores, Restoration Hardware. We were told that they were having a sale and that several items were marked down to make room for new inventory. We weren't planning on purchasing anything, just browsing. Then, I heard Justin call for me and say, 'check this out.' He was looking over a gorgeous, mirrored coffee table. I thought it was beautiful but assumed it was over our budget.

We glanced at the Strand Mirrored Coffee Table tag, which was marked about 50% off retail (originally $1195). We also had a generous Plaza gift card gifted to us at our wedding and still unused. We talked about it for awhile, looked around the rest of the store but kept finding ourselves pulled back to the table.

It filled all requirements, plus it was something that was classic enough to be used in our future home(s). So, we bit the bullet. Although it was at the very top of our budget, we are confident that this will be a table that we will love for years to come.

This beauty has made herself comfortable in our great room, and we are in love.

see those two on the left? They're the loves of my life.

As soon as we add crown molding to this room, this space will be d.o.n.e! Only took 6 years...

xoxo, S

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