New Faucet = New Feel

Shortly after I moved into our house, I made the decision to paint horizontal stripes in our half bathroom. Six years later, I actually still really like the look. However, I never got around to finishing up other items on my to-do list in there.

We have focused on other areas of our house and ignored the half-bath. My plan has always been to replace the boring, basic mirror, upgrade the lighting, paint the vanity, replace the sink and add a window treatment. Now, I can say that we have successfully crossed one more item off our list.

While browsing Home Depot's website, I found a perfect faucet. It fit our criteria: it was bronze, unique and less than $100.

We had originally thought about purchasing this faucet-
We just never pulled the $164 trigger. I was convinced I could find something similar for less. Although it took a few months, I finally found a similar, more budget-friendly option HERE-

At $54, it fit all our must haves and was a staggering $110 less than the first option. I did a quick Google search and found a 15% off coupon, bringing my total to less than $50 and free shipping. 

Luckily, Justin is very handy and was able to swap out the faucet pretty easily. 

Original chrome faucet-

Officially installed!

Now, we are motivated to replace the light fixture and the cabinet hardware since the chrome pulls no longer match.

It's come a long a way from where we started, but we still have a ways to go-

We are definitely enjoying the upgraded faucet. It's amazing what a simple $50 can do to transform a vanity.

xoxo, S+J


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