How to Pick the Perfect Shade of Paint and What To Do When You Don't

I'm back with yet another master bedroom update, but this time I am finally calling the room done. Our bedroom has gone through a variety of looks and had been painted once already since moving in 6 years ago. Although I loved that wall color, I was in the mood to change it up.

This was the current state-

We tried dozens of colors on the wall. I knew I wanted a dusty blue, which proved to be one of the most difficult colors to find. Unfortunately, many of the samples we tried were too bright, too dark, had green undertones, looked like it belonged in a little boys room or just didn't look sophisticated enough for an adult bedroom.
 Our Process for Selecting the Perfect Shade of Paint
1. Gather paint chips and tape them on the wall.
2. Begin the process of elimination
3. Move the paint chips around different areas of the room and leave up for a few days. This will allow you to see how light effects the color. You may like how a color looks at dusk but it may be too bright in the morning sun and vice versa.
4. Once you have your top contenders (I usually gather my top 3 or 4 colors), get samples. Home Depot offers small tester pots for less than $3. We were actually given a few free testers from Benjamin Moore.
5. Paint sample squares on at least 2 of the walls of the room you are painting. Again, give it a few days so that you can see the color in various lighting.
6. If you are still not 100% satisfied, try having one of your contenders lightened or darkened. I have done this several times and any paint shop can handle this.
7. Once you select your paint color, purchase quality paint. I highly recommend Behr's Premium Plus Ultra Paint and Primer in One. It is well worth the few extra dollars to get quality paint!

After visiting Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Lowe's and Home Depot for paint colors, I ended up selecting Sherwin Williams'  SW7659 Gris lightened by 40%. It came out perfect!
As usual, I did the cutting in, Justin handled the walls, Charlie supervised and Zorro slept.

So far, so good. We then thought we would do a metallic paint on our tray ceiling. We love the copper metallic tray ceiling in our dining room, and thought a nice blue metallic would be equally gorgeous.

We were wrong.

The blue looked really bright when the sun was shining and did not match the wall color at all. Plus, it looked so dark at night that it made the room feel closed in. #paintfail

I'm a firm believer in taking some risks in regards to decorating. I love when spaces are unique and reflective of the home owners. However, not every risk pays off. I quickly primed over the dark blue mess and painted over with the wall color.

 Much better!
We love the airy, calm blue.

I also finally found the perfect euro shams in a charcoal velvet at Ikea. The best part is that they were just $10 each!

It's nice to have one more room crossed off our list. I've been gathering tile samples and loads of inspiration pics for our master bathroom, which I hope we can tackle this Winter. The life of a DIYer  never stops...

xoxo, S+J


  1. This is awesome! Does the paint look bluer in a lit room or a darker room?

    Also do you just bring a specific color to a paint company and they are able to perfectly reproduce it?

  2. This is awesome! Does the paint look bluer in a lit room or a darker room?

    Also do you just bring a specific color to a paint company and they are able to perfectly reproduce it?

  3. I’m trying to understand this color concept: if say I have a green and blue bedspread and I’m looking for a grey wall color to make it “pop”. Do I look for a grey paint color with green and/or undertones?

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