Master Bedroom Makeover Phase 2: Lessons in Furniture Buying

Ever since I visited a grand opening of a local Kirklands last Spring and spotted the Libby Chest, I knew I wanted it. However, I didn't have a place for it. Plus, it was sold out online for months.

Fast forward to this Fall when we got serious about redoing our master bedroom. One of the items on the top of both of our want lists were new nightstands, preferably with more storage. I then remembered my love for the Libby Chest and found that it was finally back in stock. After triple checking the measurements, I thought it would make a great nightstand and match with the style we are aiming for. The price wasn't so sweet though. At $300 a piece, I wasn't prepared to drop $600+ on nightstands just yet. It's against my religion to pay full price for anything. Although $300 is a great price for this piece, I waited patiently for a sale.

Luckily, Kirklands offered a great Cyber Monday Sale: 30% off your entire purchase. Plus, I had a credit from a returned purchase several months back. This brought the total with tax from the original $645.76 down to a more reasonable $452.04. With my $64 credit, I paid $388 for two chests. Amazing!

Kirklands offers free in-store shipping, so we picked them up from our local store a few weeks later. Although the 2 boxes barely fit in my husband's large SUV, we were both ecstatic that they came already assembled.

Here they are in action-

Although they are significantly larger than our previous nightstands, they actually make our room look larger. Plus, we both love the additional storage! Our house is seriously lacking in closet space, so any additional storage is much appreciated.

We also finally splurged on a new dresser. Our original dresser is what I refer to as a lesson learned the hard way. I decided to purchase an inexpensive dresser with real wood top and sides but cheaper, laminate for the drawers. Big mistake. I spent $300 on a dresser whose drawers quickly fell apart. Plus, there was the great nail polish remover accident of early 2013 that ruined the top of the already bad dresser.

We saved our pennies and purchased this Aspen Home dresser from Nebraska Furniture Mart. I fell in love with the sleek hardware and dark finish. Plus, it was solid wood and a perfect size. The 2 top drawers are felt lined for jewelry and unmentionables. The 2 bottom drawers are cedar, which is very handy.

Although we knew this was a solid piece, we didn't realize just how solid until we got home and tried to unload it. The dresser came fully assembled in a huge box and weighed a staggering 240 pounds! Thankfully, Justin's father came over and helped us move up the stairs. It was quite the workout!

We slid it into place and loved how it looked. Then, we opened the drawers to start placing our things inside. The top 4 drawers slide out nice and easy. The bottom two? Not so much.

Whomp Whomp.

It seems that the bottom left drawer was misaligned. Although the drawer would open, it was extremely hard to shut. We called Nebraska Furniture Mart and were given 2 options. We could either exchange the dresser, which would mean us carrying this 240lb dresser down the stairs, into our car,  and then move the new dresser back up the stairs. Or, we could have one of their furniture repair people come over and try to realign the drawer.

Our appointment with the furniture specialist was set for a few days later. The repairman came and quickly concluded that he was unable to fix said drawer. Nebraska Furniture Mart offered to have a new dresser delivered the following Tuesday, thankfully. Although we were without a dresser for two weeks, it was worth the wait.

Once in place, I politely asked reminded strongly suggested to Justin that we finally mount our TV to the wall. We bought the wall mount over six months ago at a store closing store. It's been sitting on the floor of our bedroom for months. Better late than never, right?

It was actually pretty easy to install. The only scary part is ensuring that all 4 screws are properly anchored in the studs. It is completely secure on the wall now though, and it is amazing what a difference it makes.

We have a difference of opinion regarding managing the cords. I think we should cut a hole in our drywall and feed the cords through. Justin does not like the idea of cutting a hole into our wall and would prefer to get a paint-able, wall-mounted cord collector , like this instead.

We will see where we end up. For now, this little star from Z Gallerie is helping to hide the cords.

Lessons learned so far:
1. Save your pennies for furniture that is built to last.
2. Be patient and wait for a sale.
3. Don't let inexperience stop you from trying to DIY. Justin watched a few YouTube tutorials, read the directions and was able to mount our TV, which he had never attempted before, in less than an hour.

Next up is new art for above the bed, as well as a large DIY project we are planning on tackling.

Have a great week! Stay warm. xoxo-S


  1. You are giving old Pete a workout, aren't you? LOL

    1. Yes! I cannot tell you how thankful I am for my in-laws. I definitely keep the Sherron men busy with projects:)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Loved ready about you decorating adventure and the lessons you learned. The furniture looks beautiful. <3

    1. Thank you, Susmac! I truly appreciate that:)

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