DIY Kate Spade-Inspired Nesting Boxes

While browsing 'cute office accessories' online, I came across these Kate Spade Nesting Boxes in Neon.
I adored the bright colors and could certainly use some extra storage in my home office/craft room. However, it was hard for me to justify the $65 plus shipping on 3 boxes, when I knew I could make my own for far less.
I stored away this inspiration pic for a couple of weeks, until I saw that Michaels was offering all of their photo/memory boxes 40% off. I picked up 3 boxes, some craft paint and a gold leaf pen. My grand total was $17 for everything.
I started painting the smallest box first, while watching KU play. Fortunately, these boxes came out much better than the Jayhawks did.
After the 3 boxes were painted, I took a butter knife to scrap off the excess paint.

Then, I used the Krylon gold leaf pen and went over the silver brackets:

I also used the gold leaf pen to free hand a border around the lid of each box. It took 2-3 coats of the gold pen to get complete, even coverage.
Final Result

 Our boxes hold cards, photos and our wish tree tags from our wedding.
Original Kate Spade Nesting Boxes $64
DIY Kate Spade-Inspired Nesting Boxes $17

This was a super easy and quick craft that anyone can do. Plus, the colors looks so bright and cheery!
Happy Sunday!
xoxo, S



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  2. Hi I would love to know what brand of paint you used and what paint colors. By the way yours turned out amazing.

  3. These turned out so cute and are such a great alternative to purchasing the original boxes!


  4. How many gold leafing pens did you go through? Also - I would love to know what paint brand and colors you used. Very cute!

  5. I saw this on my pinterest feed. Very cool I've only been able to find the neon tutorial so far. This is great. Thanks!

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  6. Are these cardboard boxes? I cant find them on their website:/ Also is there a certain kind of paint you used?

  7. You could use gold tape around the edges and save yourself the work of the gold leaf pens!


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