Best Buys at Ross Dress for Less

I found myself running some errands over my lunch hour today and ended up heading into Ross Dress for Less. If you aren't familiar with it, picture TJ Maxx or Marshalls with even less frills. I don't mind the 'less-frills' approach, as it means their prices usually can't be beat. It's definitely a place where you have to dig a bit, but I almost always can find a diamond-in-the-rough so to speak.

Here are a few items I spotted today that I thought were outstanding buys and things I look for anytime I visit this store:

1. Blue and White Porcelain
So classic. These pieces will never go out of style. It can be dressed up or down and mixed with new pieces and old.
Although this display doesn't showcase these beauties' full potential, look at these inspiration pictures-
Although the Wisteria pieces above retail for $89 each, you can start your collection with pieces from Ross Dress for Less for just $3.99

2. Decorative Ginger Jars
These pieces came in at just $12.99 and $18.99 each. Compared to Williams Sonoma's version for $249 each!

3.  Accent Throw Pillows

 At $12.99 a pop, these down-filled, linen-like fabric pillows are a steal. These measure 16x16, so they're not skimpy in size either.
Which are similar to these Pottery Barn's pillows retailing for $59.50

4. Large Bins and Baskets


This large copper-esque planter is less than $20!

Would be perfect to place wood logs in next to a fireplace or to corral extra blankets, similar to what Beau Monde Mama did here-
5. Metallic Accents
Add some sparkle with these vases, ranging from $11.99 to $22.99

And create a gorgeous display on your mantel, like Revisionary Life did here-
6. Scented Candles
If you come into our home, there is a good chance that a candle will be burning. Because of this, I refuse to pay more than $20 for a candle. It just seems silly to me to pay more for something that literally goes up in smoke. I stock up on yummy scented candles at discount stores like this and pay a fraction of regular retail.
Wouldn't these neon candles look chic on a wood coffee table. A nice burst of color and scent.
7. Window Treatments
I am a firm believer that drapery or window treatments in general can make or break a room. These linen-like curtains would be an easy swap to replace heavier fabrics come Spring.
At $17.99 for a pair of panels (yes, a pair!), you can outfit rooms that you may have skimped on due to cost of typical linen treatments.
Compared to Pottery Barn's Emery Linen Curtains, which start at $95 (on sale!) per panel, you can't resist-
There you have it, my favorite finds from my local Ross Dress for Less store.
*I am in no way affiliated with Ross Dress for Less. I just love sharing a good bargain!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love all of your finds!!!! Excellent hunting!!

    1. Thanks Kate! You seem to find the best deals in exsistence, so I'm just trying to keep up;)

  2. I love shopping at Ross. Never know what you'll find.

    1. Exactly! I always walk out with a few random and fabulous purchases!

  3. Loving those curtains!

    1. They are a great dupe of the PB ones at a fraction of the price!

  4. Love this...and your entire blog, Suzanne! Can you just come help me decorate my entire house....please?!!?

    1. Hi Leslie! How are you?? Thank you so much! I adore your new blog! I always enjoy reading about weddings, and I especially enjoy the personal recommendations of products. Before I buy any cosmetic or beauty product, I search blogs for personal experiences and recs:)

  5. You hit the nail on the head with your Ross finds. I've bought a lot of blue and white porcelain from there. I'm always so shocked at how inexpensive it is. Thanks for sharing!!


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