My Grown-Up Christmas List

I've quickly fallen behind on blogging, work, laundry and grocery shopping as I have been battling an upper respiratory infection for going on 10 days now. I am finally feeling better.So, I have several Christmas-related posts to share this week...before the holidays quickly pass us by.

Our family has been asking Justin and I for our Christmas list and I had a hard time coming up with anything. Luckily, Justin immediately offered suggestions on my behalf that were actually really spot on. I guess he really does listen after all ;)

Here's My Wish List for 2013 and ideas for the women in your life-

1. A Warm Winter Coat
If you were to peak into our coat closet, you may think I am crazy or some sort of coat hoarder because I have many jackets already. However, my jackets were mostly purchased in my early 20's, when style clearly overruled practicality. As cute and classic as my navy pea coat, teal wool coat and even my old, trusty North Face Denali jacket (that everyone under the age of 35 seems to have owned in college) are, they aren't actually that warm. Since temps have already dropped to the teens in Kansas City, I have a feeling we are in for a long winter. Sigh.

I'm liking THIS from Eddie Bauer currently on sale for $125, which appears to offer warmth and water-repellent technology without a lot of bulk. The Michelin Man is NOT a look I want to achieve.

2. Touch Screen Gloves
Echo has some great, colorful options. I feel so 2012 because I don't have a pair yet.

3. Upgraded Beauty/Makeup Collection
Beginning in my late 20s, I stopped following makeup trends and instead reach for tried and true products that work for me. As I result, I am purchasing fewer, higher quality products. These are currently on my 'must try' or 'must repurchase' list and would make excellent stocking stuffers for the ladies in your life-

a. Philosophy's Falling In Love fragrance
One of my most favorite scents.

b. bare Minerals foundation in light
This Try Believe Love kit is a great introduction to the product for just $20. I have used this foundation off and on for over 12 years. I always come back to it because the coverage is unbeatable and it does not break out my sensitive skin.

c. bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener in fair/pink

This comes with excellent ratings and the approval of many of my favorite beauty bloggers

d. Kiehl's Sun-Free Tanning Formula

This has excellent ratings and claims to have no-scent. If you have ever used a sunless tanner before, you know that most have an unpleasant odor, so this is a huge upside. Plus, it promises no streaky orange lines.

e.Buxom Lash

I am very particular when it comes to mascara and have actually used this before. This is my hands down all time favorite. It is well worth the price and lasts forever.

4. Assorted Frames for our stairway photo display
Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn, Target, Home Goods are my favorite places for affordable picture frames. I can't wait to add to our collection.

6. New Bedroom Furniture
Justin and I are planning on purchasing a dresser and two nightstands as our gifts to each other. These are the current contenders-

Pottery Barn Stratton Extra-Wide Dresser
 Monterey Curve Dresser

After our wedding and honeymoon this Fall, we are keeping things pretty low-key over the holidays. I think our wish lists certainly reflect that.

I will be sharing some DIY gift ideas tomorrow! Can't wait to share them with you.

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