DIY GIft Idea- Yarn and Felt Wreaths

*These are actual photos of gifts that I will be giving this Christmas. If your last name is the same as mine, there is a good chance one of these wreaths will be yours. Read at your own risk of ruining the surprise.

I realize that these DIY yarn wreaths are nothing new. I'm just hopping on the bandwagon a bit late. With the thought of saving some moola and giving personalized gifts, these easy DIY wreaths can be completed in about an hour. Perfect for procrastinators like me!

1. Gather Supplies
a. Yarn
I took advantage of a Michaels holiday sale and grabbed yarn at 40% off, plus an extra 25%. The key for these wreaths is to buy thick yarn. You can certainly use thin, basic yarn but you'll be wrapping the wreath form until you're blue in the face.
b. Wreath Form
I also picked up a foam 10'' wreath form from Michaels. A few tutorials I saw online used a straw wreath. However, I was concerned about the straw version looking a little lumpy, since it's not a perfectly smooth surface. I'm glad I used foam.
c. Felt
Michaels had a pretty good assortment of colors of felt for $0.29/sheet.
d. Extra Decor
I opted to include a wooden letter (the last name initial of the recipient) for my wreaths. However, you could use address numbers, decorative ribbon or any number of accents. If you plan on painting the letters or numbers, you will need some craft paint as well. A glue gun is also recommended.

2. Start Wrapping
I made a knot and then kept wrapping until the wreath form was covered. You will want to check that your yarn is wrapped tightly enough to cover the form completely. This took me about half an hour.

3. Make Your Felt Flowers
This was the fun part. I traced different sized circles on my sheets of felt and cut it out. Then, I kept cutting in a circular pattern, like this-
Once the cutting was complete, you simply wrap up the felt creating the flower shape. I then hot glued the flowers onto my wreath. Also, you will want to use different size circles so your flowers vary.

4. Add Your Accents
I quickly painted the letter and hot glued that to the wreath as well. Easy peasy.

Time to enjoy your craft or wrap it up for a gift!

I spent less than $30 on supplies for all 3 wreaths and was able to complete each one in under an hour. They are sort of addicting to make, because they are so mindless that you can do them while watching the movie Elf, which is what I did:)

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  1. Thanks for the idea...now just to get out to michaels and do my own!

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