Our DIY Wedding Crafts and Details

Our wedding venue, The Loose Mansion in Kansas City, was amazing. They provided the majority of the decor, including centerpieces, candelabras, trays, card box etc. As nice as it was not to have to worry about renting or hauling every last candle holder, chair, frame, basket and so on, it was still really important to me that we personalize the space. We also put our own stamp on every aspect we could, from a non-traditional ceremony to hand-selecting every song that was played throughout the evening.

Here's Our DIY Wedding Crafts

1. Wish Tree
In lieu of a traditional guest book, we decided to do a wish tree. I whipped up this simple sign, purchased some blank little cards at Hobby Lobby, tied them with ribbon and left out gold and black pens.

We spent the morning after our wedding eating breakfast in bed and reading the cards. I loved how almost every person wrote us little notes, so much more meaningful than a simple signature. We will cherish these forever.

2. Thank You/Program
Because our ceremony started at 6:30pm and dinner wasn't served until 7:45, we knew that most of our guests would be a little hungry. We ensured that our bar was open pre-ceremony and that champagne and sparkling water was passed to our guests on arrival. We also sat out big bowls of pub mix, Chex mix and nuts as a light snack. On top of the program, we placed mini-bags of our favorite Trader Joe Kettle Corn, tied with ribbon and a tag that read, 'Yay, you made it! Here's a sweet treat to tide you over to dinner. See you on the dance floor! love, J & S'

Our ceremony was roughly 25 minutes long, so it didn't call for a long, detailed program. Instead, I created a one-page sheet that was placed on every seat. The front side was a thank you to our guests for celebrating with us.

To our dearest  friends and family,
We simply say THANK YOU.
Thank you for your love, your encouragement, your guidance,
 for being our partners-in-crime, the reason for our laughter
and for sharing our sorrows through the ups and downs in life.
We feel incredibly blessed to share our wedding day with you. 

Please enjoy tonight.

Let it be only the beginning of many wonderful memories to come,
as we celebrate joy, love and friendship,
with our favorite people in the world.

Justin & Suzanne

for better or worse…but never for granted

The back side introduced our bridal party, with funny stories and anecdotes about each person. We also included a few things about ourselves and our parents.

A few tidbits about…
The Bride and Groom
Justin says it was love at first sight – It took Suzanne a few more weeks to fall for him - Charlie, Suzanne’s beloved dog, took a few months to accept the new man in his mom’s life – They spend their free time working on their house, visiting the City Market on Saturday mornings and enjoying live music – Charlie and Zorro, their two furry kids, keep them busy with long walks and play dates at the park - Justin saved the cork from the first bottle of wine that Suzanne and he shared on their first date - They now save every cork from each bottle of wine and champagne they share – After three years together, they have quite the collection! - It is this tradition that prompted the champagne ‘theme’ of their wedding -

The Bridal  Party
Meghan, the Maid of Honor, first met Suzanne 25 years ago as Daisy Girl Scouts in Kindergarten – The two have shared ridiculous amounts of laughter through the years and have listened to Tom Petty’s ‘Free Falling’ at least 1000 times together – Suzanne’s mom considered Meghan a second-daughter - Meryl, the brunette bridesmaid, and Suzanne became friends in 7th grade – Meryl is an amazing cook and helps Suzanne, a not-so-great cook, from burning holiday dinners – Matchmaker Meryl is also a friend of Justin’s and was the one who introduced the bride and groom - Sarah, the blonde bridesmaid, and Suzanne first met through ex-boyfriends – They both upgraded in the man department and remain great friends – Sarah, her husband Brian, Justin and Suzanne enjoy dinners together where the guys talk sports and the girls discuss important things i.e. decorating –                                                                                                                                    
The officiate, Mr. Steve Quigg, has known  Justin almost his entire life – He attended Grandview High School with Justin’s parents - Steve is also the father of Justin’s groomsmen, Ryan - Steve coached Ryan and Justin in youth soccer for a decade and enjoyed including the boys’ friendship in his Sunday sermon whenever applicable– Chad, the Best Man, is Justin’s older brother – Although eight years difference in age, they have always been close and enjoy getting together for a round of golf or just to hang out and talk about life – Chad has been a life-long mentor to Justin and is the epitome of what an older brother should be - Ryan and Justin started playing soccer together at the tender age of 3 and have been like brothers ever since– They attended K-State where they majored in foosball and frisbee golf -  Justin and Ryan have traveled to countless Phish concerts together – Adrian and Justin have been friends since they were fourteen when they met in high school – They love watching the Chiefs and tossing a frisbee around on Sundays - He has always been there with a helping hand or sound advice -

The Parents
Suzanne’s father, Duane, is retired after working for Mercedes Benz for over 40 years – He enjoys golf, BBQ and helping Suzanne and Justin with their (never-ending) house projects – The bride and groom are truly appreciative of his DIY skills and tool set – Vicki, Suzanne’s mom, tragically passed away six years ago from cancer –Vicki’s old handwritten recipes are now framed and adorning the walls of Suzanne and Justin’s dining room as an ode to her incredible cooking and hospitality skills – Vicki was the inspiration for Suzanne’s decorating blog and remains the greatest influence on Suzanne’s life – Pete and Linda, Justin’s parents, recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary last month – Both retired from Black & Veatch, they enjoy travel, attending church and their Taco Tuesday nights with friends – They are always there with advice and to remind us that they are “our biggest fans” - These two high school sweethearts are where Justin gets his great sense of humor from, as well as his compassion -

3. In Memory Display

I first saw this saying on Pinterest and fell in love with it. This saying simply ran true for our lost loved ones. I created this on my computer and printed it on heavy card stock. This sat on the mantel in the hearth room of our venue, surrounded with photos of our deceased relatives. Having personal photographs on display certainly made the venue feel more like home.

4. Glittered Champagne Bottle
If you follow me on Facebook, you may remember this project. I took my favorite bottle of champs, my favorite ultra-fine Martha Stewart glitter and my trusty Mod Podge and made a shimmering bottle. This sat on our sweetheart table, as seen here. I saved the bottle, which is now on display in my office. It was so easy and took just about 15 minutes to complete. I finished my spraying a light coat of clear sealant to avoid any glitter falling off.

5. Cork Letters

As noted on our programs, our wedding had a bit of a champagne theme. Justin save the cork from a bottle we shared on our first date, and we have kept up the tradition ever since. After three years together, we have quite the collection. I had previously made the 'S', so I made a new 'J' letter. I found an ampersand at Paper Source and decided to glitter that instead of adding corks, just for variety. Our letters were placed on a table where our cocktail reception was held.

6. Dancing Shoes
My sweet friend, Hillary, shared with me her 'dancing shoes' sign from her wedding. We put the sign next to a basket of flip flops on the dance floor, so that the ladies could kick off their heels and dance. A funny note about the flip flops is that they have been passed down through 3 weddings: Julie's, Crystal's, and ours. We have some left, so they may make it through a 4th!

The Details

1. Dessert Spread
Neither Justin nor I are huge cake fans or sweets- lovers in general,  so we knew we wanted a creative alternate to a traditional wedding cake. My dear friend, Haley, is an excellent baker and offered to do a dessert table for us. She made customized Scrabble-letter sugar cookies (Justin's a word nerd), gold dusted Reece's Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite!), pink velvet cupcakes, vanilla cake popes and chocolate-dipped Oreos. Everything was amazing. Plus, it made for a beautiful display. Win/Win!

2. Ring Security

Our nephew, Gage (age 9), served as a Ring Bearer. Because he was a bit older and is full of personality, we thought he would best serve as Ring Security. He was dressed in a suit, complete with aviators and practiced talking into his play ear-piece, like real security personnel. He stole the show!

 His dad and Justin responded;)

4. Floral Halos for the Flower Girls
Our venue was opposed to us throwing real rose petals down the aisle, and I did not want to use faux petals. Instead, our two beautiful flower girls did not throw anything but walked down the aisle with flowers in their hair.

5. Photo Display
We brought lots of personal photos to display throughout the venue. The Loose Mansion was the personal home of the Loose family, who started Sunshine Biscuit Co, and was built in 1909. It felt very personal, and the photos of us made it feel like it we were hosting our wedding in our home. A very large, opulent home:)

6. My Somethings

Something Old was an old diamond ring of my mom's, originally my grandmother's. I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of this:(

Something New was my gold glittered shoes purchased a mere 2 days before the wedding

Something Borrowed was the gorgeous sash I wore, on lend from a dear friend and recent bride, Kristin

Something Blue was also borrowed from my best friend and Maid of Honor, a beautiful sapphire bracelet

And a sixpence in my shoe- yes, I taped a penny inside my flats:)

There were two items that I desperately wanted to include on our wedding day but unfortunately could not. One was having our dogs participate in the ceremony. The other was having a sparkler send-off. Our venue had a strict rule against both. It wasn't the end of the world, but things that would've been nice to include.

OK- that's with wedding stuff, I promise. I'll leave with our first dance song-

xoxo, Suzanne

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