Master Bedroom Makeover Phase 1 And A #WifeWin

I have wanted to replace the boring white ceiling fan in our master bedroom pretty much from the day I moved in. I get the function of it. We live in the Mid-West, where the summers are hot and the cold winter air mixed with the warm air from the furnace is dry and stale. However, the majority of the year our ceiling fan is not on, and no matter how many throw pillows I get or the artwork I hang, the room feels dated and boring with the basic fan hanging overhead.

One problem.

My husband was convinced that it was a necessity. We would have the same debate every few months. I would wake up and stare at the ugly, dust-collector fan and beg for a pretty chandelier instead. Justin would sigh and say no. One day last week, I decided that because men are visual creatures, it might help Justin to see alternate lighting options. I sent him over a link to 5 different light fixtures and casually asked his opinion. He really liked #1 (which happened to be my fave too) and then asked where I was planning on putting it. Uh, the bedroom.

We did what any civilized, mature couple does when they reach a crossroads...we flipped a coin for it. Heads won (me!) and the chandelier was ordered in about 2.1 seconds after the coin landed.

I have stalked this chandelier online for months. I first saw it in Restoration Hardware and Justin had to pull me away before I started drooling. I was in love. The price tag? Not so friendly at $2095.

After a quick search on Overstock.com (my go-to for affordable lighting options), I found an exact replica, sans the four digit price tag. Score. I checked the measurements, number of crystals and finish and they were the same. I imagine the RH version is a higher quality, but the Overstock version is a great, budget-friendly option.

Because Overstock's prices can fluctuate sometimes on a daily basis, it may be priced a little more or a little less on any given day. When I purchased, it was $315. After a quick Google search, I found a 10% off promo code withe free shipping, bringing my total to $284. A savings of $1810!!! I ordered it on a Monday evening and had it by Thursday.

We carefully removed the ceiling fan and got to work installing the new chandelier. It is definitely a two-person job. I held the chandelier up (before hanging all of the crystals!), while Justin wired everything together.

 I then had to unwrap all 144 crystals and hang them individually. Yes, 144 crystals to be exact. It was a little tedious but went a little quicker than I expected.

Once hung, we flipped the switch and viola! Our bedroom felt like a posh hotel suite. I cannot describe how beautiful this chandelier is in person. Although, it could easily be the most difficult thing to photograph ever! My photography skills are lacking and because the crystals reflect so much, I couldn't get a great photo.

*If you happen to install this chandelier (which I strongly suggest you do), you'll want to hang it before putting the crystals on. With all 144 crystals installed, it is quite heavy. Also, start putting the crystals on the bottom row first, working your way up.

 All done!
View staring straight above-
The new light fixture was the first step in our master bedroom makeover. I'm craving a more posh and plush bedroom and bath. At this point, I think we are keeping the existing paint color and drapery. However, we're on the hunt for a new bed/headboard, bedding, art and decor. Can't wait!

Oh, I apologize for the radio silence. I have about 7 wedding-related posts that are written ready to be published. We're just still waiting on our wedding photos, which should be received soon. Can't wait to share our DIY wedding items with you!



  1. Love this post!! Love the chandelier (both the splurge and the steal) and love me some Overstock.
    Can't wait to read your wedding posts!! :)

    1. Thank you Kate! I am loving your blog. Such great style and taste you have!

  2. I love love love love love the chandelier; unfortunately, my husband is also from the "ceiling fan is a necessity" thought camp.

    1. Well, maybe he'll come around one of these days. Men just don't always see the need for pretty things at first. There's always a coin toss;)


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