My DIY Wedding Invitations

As soon as we got engaged, I planned on making all of our paper products (invitations, programs, menu cards etc) myself. It's a great way to save money. Plus, you can create custom looks.

I gathered loads of ideas from Pinterest, Etsy, websites etc. These were some invites I pinned for inspiration-

Then...I lost my motivation. I felt overwhelmed, so I stopped looking and took a break. The deadline for when we needed our invites quickly approached however, so I enlisted the help of a graphic designer. I sent her the wording we wanted and the inspiration pics. She was able to dress up the invites for me, as my graphic design skills are mediocre at best.

My sweet co-worker, Taylor, helped make a few tweaks to our response card as well. It was a collaborative effort to say the least.

We chose non-traditional wording and really played up two of our favorite things: champagne and fun, fancy parties. It was important to us that our guests know that they were in a for a fun celebration.

The invitation photos were taken on my phone, so they are not completely clear. Here is our wording-
Please Join Us
for an evening with family and friends as we
the wedding of
Suzanne *****
Justin ****
 Friday, the sixth of September two thousand and thirteen
at half past six in the evening
The Loose Mansion
Kansas City, Missouri

fabulous food, champagne and dancing to follow

Originally, we were planning on using navy and blush as our colors. However, navy proved to be a challenging color. I ordered sample card stock from several vendors and every sheet of 'Navy' paper looked very different from the rest. We then had issues with the ink looking purple. Plus, I just wasn't 100% ever set on our original color choice. So, we decided to use metallics instead: champagnes, golds, silvers etc.

We also had planned on doing response postcards...no extra envelope and less postage. A penny saved is a penny earned, right?! Sadly, when we printed four cards on one page, they were too small to send as a postcard by about 1/4 of an inch. Plus, I accidentally grabbed regular metallic paper...not card stock, so they were a bit too thin. Lesson learned.

Thanks to nearly 100 trips to Paper Source, I gathered my supplies and got to work.

First, I had my invites and response cards printed at FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's). It was lightning fast and embarrassingly inexpensive. They even cut everything for me. I will say that the cutting wasn't 100% exact, so I did have to handcut tiny slivers on a few pages. Ugh.

I layed out the items and begin assembling. I used adhesive tape found in the scrap booking section at Hobby Lobby to adhere the invite to the card stock.

I then took black business-card sized paper and stamped 'Cheers' with gold ink.

Unfortunately, the gold ink was a little dull on it's own. So, I tried something new: Embossing! It's SO easy, surprisingly quick and pretty fun. The embossing really made the gold pop off the page. You can tell the difference between the plain gold-ink and the embossed ones here:

I placed the 'Cheers' card on top of the response card and invite and tied the whole invitation suite together, using twine or ribbon. Overall, I think they give that fun, party vibe, while still looking rather classic, albeit a bit vintage.

I had grand plans of trying the DIY Calligraphy-look that I see all over Pinterest. Essentially, you run the envelope through the printer and use a fancy calligraphic font to print the names and address. Then, you go over it with a pen. Justin and I each did one envelope this way and quickly got over wanting the calligraphy look. If I would've had more time, I may have attempted this, but my schedule just didn't allow for it.

Instead, we used my favorite font Scriptina Pro downloaded for free at Dafont.com (obsessed with that website) on labels and stuck them on the gold, metallic envelopes. I'm sure I committed some etiquette mortal sin by using *gasp* labels, but I'm a busy bee and needed them d.o.n.e. We used the same labels and font choice for our response card envelopes, and envelope seals. Again, it was quick and easy. FedEx Office printed those for us too, for around $0.10/sheet. Crazy cheap.

We have gotten some sweet (and funny) comments written on our response cards, including Justin's cousin who circled the 'Come for the love...Stay for the cocktails' line on the back of our response cards and simply wrote, 'I like this'. It's been fun checking our mail every day and fining those little gold envelopes:)

Here's links to materials used:
A7 stardeam antique gold envelopes
4 Bar stardeam antique gold envelopes
Large rectangular labels (used as address labels) in soft white
1 1/4 inch round labels (used as envelope seals with return address) in soft white
A7 note cards stardeam antique gold (used as backing for invite)
8 1/2 x 11 printer paper metallic quartz (used for invites and response cards)
Black business-card size paper for Cheers card
Twine to wrap invites was purchased at Hobby Lobby
Rubber 'Cheers' stamp, gold ink and embossing powder and heat tool purchased at Michaels

After the wedding, I will share all of the details and lots of pictures! We're planning a very unique ceremony, so I can't wait to share those details with you all!!!



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