New Interior Paint = New House Look

Before I start chatting about our interior, I wanted to share this photo of a double rainbow over our house last weekend. It was incredibly beautiful. I'm so glad that Justin was able to capture a few shots of the gorgeous colors in the sky. Unfortunately, there was no sightings of any pots of gold or leprechauns.

July 3rd marked 5 years of living in my current home.

To say that there has been a few changes around here, would be a huge understatement. However, we still have plenty on our to-do list!

One of the bigger projects that I have needed to complete was re-painting the common area of our home. After 5 years of wear and tear, our builder-grade flat paint had seen better days. The area around our sliding glass door and stairs were especially bad.

From a distance, it wasn't too noticeable. However, once you got up close, it was another story.

We talked about keeping the existing wall color the same, but ultimately decided to try a new color. After browsing dozens of images online, I thought I had found a winner: Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It seems this color is showing up all over blogs and Pinterest lately. In the photos I saw, the color looked a like a nice, warm pale gray. However, when I sampled it on our own walls, it was sadly lifeless and dull. It looked like an institutional gray. I still thinks it's a pretty color, it just doesn't work in our home. I tried a variety of other paint chips and sampled several more on our walls. I couldn't find anything just right, so I had Behr's Sierra Madre tinted 25% darker.
BM's Revere Pewter is in the middle. Sierra Madre (not darkened) is on top.

The slightly darker shade ended up being perfect. The color is still light and airy, but saturated enough to pop against our soft white trim.

Here's some in-progress pictures-

I swear our breakfast room feels brand new. The new color just brightens the walls up and looks so modern. Our hallway upstairs doesn't get much natural light, so the new wall color really lightens up the space there as well.

* I'm still looking for fabric for window valances.

Justin and I spent all weekend several weeks ago painting our kitchen, breakfast room and upstairs hall. We  hired out the painting of our entry, because our entry way is 25+ feet tall, and that makes us me a bit nervous. Justin casually asked our professional painter if he would be able to swap out the entry light for us for an additional fee.  Justin hated our builder-basic existing light and was anxious to get something more substantial.

Our painter agreed and for just $50, a brand new chandelier was hung. Cheers for no more 'saggy boob'...light, as Justin would say!

Our new light measures 39 inches in length and came in this huge box:

After: fresh paint and large chandelier

It casts the prettiest shadows at night.

A quick note regarding our new light fixture. We looked at the big box stores but didn't find anything that we loved or was the right size. Our new chandelier is a staggering 38'' long! So, we visited the Kansas City local Rensen House of Lights store. We had the kindest sales lady, who was very informative. We found dozens of options that would work and then started the process of eliminating each one by one.

Overall, a new coat of paint has made our whole house look brand new and fresh again. It's also made us realize that we desperately need to add crown molding to our kitchen and breakfast room. One thing leads to another when it comes to home ownership, that's for sure!

Have a great week!


  1. Amazing projects! You are so inspiring!

    1. Thanks Crystal! You are too sweet:)

  2. Beautiful! We have a similar tall, open foyer. When it came time to replace the light fixture, I called a recommended electrician who quoted me $200 to hang the light. Geez, that's as much as the new fixture! I was so annoyed after he left, I marched next door to borrower the neighbor's 25 foot ladder and hung the light myself. It really wasn't that hard, but my husband chewed me out when he came home and found out I hung the light alone on such a tall ladder!

    1. Wow! You are Super Woman:) We were definitely not going to shell out $200 to have an electrician hang it either. Awesome that you found a ladder tall enough to use and did it yourself. So impressive!

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