The weather was FINALLY nice this weekend, so Justin and I did some much needed yard maintenance. It felt so nice to enjoy the sunshine, while making the exterior of our home look better. Flowers just breathe nice life onto our porch.

After a long winter, our porch looked a little bare-

Thanks to those copper planters that adorned our porch last Summer, we were left with terrible stains on our concrete:( I tried everything to remove/fade these stains but nothing worked. To remedy this and prevent future stains, we covered the spots up with 16x16 slabs. At less than $2 each, it was a quick and cheap fix.

After a trip to Home Depot, we got to work.

I then added new planters from Target. These large bad-boys measure 21inches wide and make a pretty dramatic impact. We loved them instantly.

Quick tip- I purchase hanging flower baskets for my planters. It was super quick to transport the hanging basket to the planter and it filled up the container perfectly.

This year, I fell in love with ferns. Something about them makes me think of wild, carefree curly hair. We added a hanging fern basket to our front porch and I am digging the texture. Here Justin is drilling a hole for the hook to hang the basket.

One last addition to our front porch was this iron scroll from Old Time Pottery. It wasn't exactly what I was trying to find, but it was close enough. I think it helps define the porch area and breaks up that long, plain wall.

Here's some pictures of our front exterior taken this evening-

Our next step is to add shutters to our 2 second-story windows. We are picking the shutters up this week. We're just trying to figure out how to install them, because the window above the garage is WAY up there and makes me super nervous. We will see...

Have you been doing Spring yard work? Any exterior projects coming up?

Have a great week! xoxo, S

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