Pretty and Peaceful Nursery for Baby Girl #2

I have mentioned my dear friend, Jessica, on here before. (Click HERE to see her thrifted dresser makeover)You know, the girl that is a dead ringer for Jessica Alba and who makes pregnancy look gorgeous, stylish and effortless. Her keen sense of style and shared passion for up cycling goods extends beyond her closet and into her decor.

Jes is currently expecting her second daughter this July and just finished the final touches on the new nursery. This pretty space just put my baby fever in overdrive.

I love nurseries that are soft and pretty and without any cheesy themes, like this one. I think Jes did a great job picking beautiful, neutral pieces and adding in just the right mix of textures and patterns to keep it interesting.
Jessica said that about 95% of this room was upcycled, which goes to show that beautiful rooms don't have to cost a fortune.
This armoire was a lucky Craigslist score!

Aren't little girl nurseries the sweetest rooms ever?

Thank you Jessica for letting me share another one of your fabulous projects. I can't wait to meet your new baby girl in a few short weeks! Love you!

Hope you all are having a great week! -Suzanne

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