Guest Bath Inspiration and Plan

courtesy of Southern Living
Guest Bath Makeover Inspiration
I mentioned yesterday that we are in the beginning stages of a bathroom makeover, and I realized that I don't think I have shared pics of our guest bath before. It's not horrible, but it's not great either. It's a plain Jane.
I literally have no pictures of this bathroom. This is the only one I coudl find in my files:(

Basically, I hung a shower curtain, a leftover piece of art (and I use the term 'art' loosely) and laid a bathmat down when I moved in and haven't touched it sense. Our goal is to add color, interest and character. Since this bathroom is windowless, I don't want to go to dark or bold. Here are some inspiration  images that capture the general look and feel of what we want:

1. More visual interest and architectural detail. We love this thick crown molding.

2. Appropriate art. I don't mean bathroom-themed artwork or vinyl lettering spelling out 'bath', just an upgrade from the framed poster print that is currently hanging on the wall. I have always loved charcoal drawings and sepia-hued imagery...

3. Fresh, airy wall color. As I mentioned above, our guest bath has no windows or natural light. If this were a half-bath, I wouldn't be afraid to embrace dark, warm colors. However, this is where guests and our future children will get ready, so the lighting is important.

Although a neutral palette, the pattern creates quite an impact.
4. Although the wall color will be lighter and brighter, we do want some contrast. I love how the rich dark bronze pops of this cream colored vanity.


Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I have also discovered some great details to turn a basic, boring bath into more of a spa-like oasis. For example:
1. Proper Styling. A few, decorative pieces on top of the vanity looks like a million bucks compared to cheap, drugstore bought bottles of hand soap and toothpaste left out. It also makes items like Q-tips and cotton balls easily accessible to your guests, who may have forgot to pack them.
2. Everything looks better in a proper dispenser. Although this may be a bit much for some, I like the opulence of a decanter filled with Scope.
3. Work with what you have...but use some creativity. I hate our huge, builder-installed mirror. However, the idea of tearing it down, repairing the wall and trying to find two affordable but gorgeous alternatives leaves me a little squeamish. This homeowner simply added trim to break-up the massive mirror. Well done.
All images found HERE, unless noted as Houzz.com
One area that I did not address was flooring. We will definitely been replacing the beige carpet with tile. However, this part of the makeover will come at a later date. once we have decided what style we want to go with and have squandered the funds to tile both the guest and master baths.
Of course, if budget and time had no constraints, we would have our bath look like this-
Sigh, I girl can dream...
I CANNOT wait to get started on this tomorrow. It's going to be a fun weekend!
xoxo, S


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