Sadly, I am not back with bathroom makeover pics to share:(  Trust me, no one is more bummed than me. Unfortunately, our weekend was filled with some highs and some lows. The low points ultimately effected our ability to tackle the bathroom. There's always this weekend though, right?!
Friday night, Justin had his first outdoor soccer game of the season. He had been training the past few weeks in anticipation and was sooo excited to finally join this league with his brother and best friends. As I sat on the sidelines cheering him on, something bad happened. The game had just started and Justin had the ball. An opponent was right on his trail, when Justin started to turn to bypass him. Well, his body turned one way and his cleat got stuck in the turf and didn't move. He tore his MCL (which is your knee for folks like myself that didn't already know this). He tried to walk it off, but it was obvious from the immediate swelling that this was not good. He was in a lot of pain that night but thought he would feel better the next day. Well, he didn't. As I was leaving work on Friday, I scored some Big 12 Tournament tickets. My Alma mater KU was playing Justin's school K-State. This was huge game and we both hated to miss. Justin decided to bear the pain and go. We bought him a knee brace and he was feeling better.

The game was great....my team won. Justin's did not...

However, by the end of the night all of the activity proved to be too much. Justin's knee was even more swollen and he was now experiencing pain in his calf as well. Sunday was spent staying off his knee and applying ice. He now has an appointment with an orthopedic doc next week and will hopefully find some relief. We are keeping our fingers crossed for no surgery.

This was our weekend in a nutshell. Life happens. We'll just pick up the paintbrush another weekend and get to work.

Although this is random, I found this bedroom on Pinterest this week and haven't been able to get it out of mind. It calms me during a particularly long week.

Simply beautiful. Image found HERE

Also, Congratulations to Amber G.  who won 2 free tickets to the Kansas City Home Show!
If you have some time, you should definitely check it out this weekend!

Back soon with some bathroom pics I hope!

xoxo, Sue

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