What's Old Is New Again

*First, I'd like to say Happy New Year (a bit belated) to my sweet readers! I sincerely hope that 2013 brings us all health, happiness and love.

As most of you probably know, I lost my mom six years ago to breast cancer. I miss her every single day. It's very important to me to keep her memory alive, so this new project we just completed brings me such joy and comfort, as it features a very important aspect of my mom's life.

You all are probably sick of seeing our dining room, but even after our new chandelier install and ceiling treatment, it still wasn't 100% complete.

We desperately needed some art on either side of the mirror to help balance out the room. I thought about hanging pictures of herbs, then thought about painting my own abstract art but I couldn't commit.

Then, I saw this pin on Pinterest and an idea clicked-

I thought framing old recipes of my mom's was a great idea, especially for our dining room. There is something so special about handwriting. I can look at pictures of my mom, hear stories about her, but for some reason seeing her handwriting gets me every time. Plus, my mom was a great cook. It's one of her few traits that sadly was not passed on to me.

I went through all of her old recipes and found the most 'loved' recipe cards. I adore the splatters and stains, as I can imagine my mom working feverishly in the kitchen as she follows the recipe.

I then picked out some frames at Kirklands. If you are looking for nice, inexpensive frames, Kirklands is a great place. The frames I selected were on sale for $9.99 each, and I used a coupon on top of that.

 We laid them out and then used the 3M hanger strips to hang them on the wall.

The frames really open up the room, as they pull you eye outwards. Before, your eye went straight to the chandelier and mirror, so the room felt much smaller.

There is something about being surrounded by my mom's recipes that makes me feel like she is part of every dinner we share in here.
I also included recipes written by my great aunt, Jeanne, who passed away 2 years ago at the age of 84, and my other 85 year old great aunt who is still living and thriving!
Overall, this was an inexpensive and easy project. However, it has become one of my favorite things in our home.

Here's to you Mom, the ultimate hostess, who taught me the art of hosting and who tried to teach me the art of cooking. Our old family recipes will forever live on.

love, Suzanne