Quick, Easy and Awesome DIY Gift Ideas

Although Christmas is a mere 5 days away, it's not too late to create some easy gifts for friends, loved ones, neighbors etc. Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I discovered some divine gift ideas that I will be making on Saturday to pass out to our relatives on Christmas Eve.

*If you are related to me (or Justin) please do not scroll down, as I want to keep these gift ideas a surprise for you!








Easy DIY Gift Idea #1
Caramel Sauce. One glance at the photos from Always With Butter, and I couldn't resist. This will be a perfect topping for ice cream, apples or even straight outta the jar. Yum. I discovered this recipe and blog from Pinterest and have become a huge fan of Always With Butter. Her photography skills are simply amazing! Here are her directions-
Original Pin found HERE

Easy DIY Gift Idea #2
Cinnamon Almonds from Detrimental Beauty look so tasty and pretty. Click HERE for directions and ingredients. Original Pin found HERE

Easy DIY Gift Idea #3

Gardener's Hand Scrub from One Good Thing by Jille looks beautiful, is effective and consists of 2 ingredients you probably already have at home. It doesn't get much easier than that. Original Pin found HERE.

Easy DIY Gift Idea #4

Don't forget your furry friends! My sons, Charlie and Zorro, will be getting some of these sweet treats in their stockings this year, as will our relatives' pets. Cleo's Pumpkin Dog Biscuits from Simmer Till Done are easy and best of all, healthy for your pets. Made from pumpkin, which is known to soothe dog's bellies and brown rice flour to avoid any wheat allergies. original Pin found HERE.

Easy DIY Gift Idea #5
Hand painted utensils from The Happy Homebodies. I think these fun painted kitchen utensils are a great gift year round. I love that they can be customized to the color palette of the recipient's kitchen. original Pin found HERE.
Don't Forget Presentation is Key
No one wants something that looks like a toddler made it, unless of course a toddler did make it. Thanks to inexpensive boxes and bows from the dollar store and multiple sources for free pretty label downloads, your homemade gift can look better than a random gift from the store.

Here are a few examples of my favorite beautifully wrapped presents-
via HERE
via HERE

 via HERE

Even socks look cute when packaged well
via Here

Happy Gifting!
xoxo, S


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