From Pallets to Pretty

When my co-worker Monica first joined our company last year, we quickly bonded over our shared love of decorating, organizing and DIY projects. Safe to say, we're work BFFs. One thing I love most about Monica is that she is not afraid to take on anything...design, work or otherwise.

Amidst a full-time work schedule and raising 2 adorable little boys, her and husband some how found the time to create this gorgeous pallet accent wall in their home. Color me jealous.

She wanted to do something fun and unique on this wall space at the top of her stairs. This room serves as a play area for the boys and hang-out space for mom and dad, so she wanted a design that was both child and adult appropriate. We thought a wood wall was the perfect solution. 

We did some research together and found THIS tutorial from Katie at Bower Power to be the most helpful.

Monica started scouring Craigslist for old pallets and finally found some. For free. Score.
Because Katie does a great job explaining each step, I'll save you the detailed play-by-play. Here are some pictures of the process along the way.

This is how he space started-

The whole family helped out by painting the room a blue-gray color that worked perfectly against the weathered wood accent wall.

Each pieces was laid out to find the pattern they liked best. It is meant to look random, but it helps to lay it out first to make sure the more worn pieces of wood are equally spread about.

*One thing to note is the Monica had the same issue with a light switch being in the middle of the wall. They decided to have an electrician move the light switch to another wall, instead of covering it up as Katie did. This added some cost to the project, but I think it was well worth it.

The dramatic before and after once more-

Isn't it gorgeous?! It looks so inviting and warm. The other good news is that even though Monica's husband wanted to curse us throughout the process (as we came up with the idea but he did all of the work), he is now officially a huge fan of it:)

I can't wait to see the space once it's completely furnished! I'll be sure to share updated pictures once she gets all of the furniture in.

Have you tried a 'pallet-craft'? If so, let me know; I'd love to share it on here.

Happy Friday!
xoxo, Suzanne


  1. Beautiful! I have been wanting to make something out of a pallet for our living room but am a bit worried about splinters for my little dudes.

    I made this out of a pallet for my little sisters bridal shower. I loved it, and wanted to make one for us! Haha they are hard to dismantle!


    1. That 'I Do' sign is so cute! Yes, the hardest part is dismantling the pallets themselves. If you decide to make another pallet project, you can use an electric sander to smooth the wood and remove any sharp pieces:) Thanks for sharing your project! love it.

  2. Job well done! Love this post. Great before and after pics!

  3. LOVE it. Makes me think I could do something like that in our basement - twould be the perfect place for a pallet wall. So so cool!!!


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