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Disclaimer- I realize that I probably sound like I am 80 years old suggesting this product, but I know after a long work day in heels, I appreciate the extra cushion underfoot as I stand and cook dinner. Normally, these START at $60, I found them for $16!
After standing in front of my girlfriend Kristen's kitchen sink helping clean up after a bridal shower, I noticed how awesome her gel comfort floor mat was. It was amazing how cushy the mat felt and what a big difference it actually made. Since we have hardwoods in our kitchen too, I kept my eye open for one of those comfy, ultra-thick mats to bring home.

I'm talking about the gel mats that look like this-

When Justin and I were in Bed, Bath & Beyond picking up a gift, I decided to check their selection. I got so excited when I saw a big stack...than a saw the price. Whomp, whomp.

They started at $59.99 and went up from there. It just seemed crazy, even with a 20% off coupon, to spend $50 on a small floor mat that you stand on in one of the messiest rooms in the house, the kitchen. Link HERE.

We left empty-handed. After searching online and finding the same price point on Amazon and Overstock, I gave up.

A few nights ago, we ran into the hardware store and I decided to check out the Big Lots next door. After hitting the jackpot and finding $3 Philosophy makeup at Big Lots this Summer, I thought I may find another score.

Lo and behold, they had identical basket weave comfort gel mats...for $16!
*It looks more rubber-like in the photo due to the flash. In real life, it is very nice and plush.

It is now in our kitchen and our feet thank us every time we do the dishes.

I know it's a small thing and  not the most design savvy, but sometimes comfort trumps having a slippery, thin mat.

What are your favorite discount finds? Anyone else hit up closeout stores?
xoxo, S


  1. Ah! After the first few sentences I thought to myself, "I wonder if she found the better deal at Big Lots!" I saw those mats there, as well, a couple weeks ago. I almost bought one. Now I wish I had. In addition to feeling better on the feet, I bet it wouldn't collect dog hair the way my traditional kitchen rug does.

    1. How funny! Great minds think (and shop) alike! Our German Shepard's fur gets EVERYWHERE, so a mat like this is good. A wool/shag rug would be a disaster in our house!


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