Updated Home Tour

A few months ago, I added a 'Home Tour' tab to my blog but failed to mention it here:(
I turn to blogs for decor inspiration and adore looking at others' home tours, so I thought it was time to update mine and introduce it to my readers.

Our house is still very much a work in progress, and we still have countless projects to begin. However, it is important that I reflect back on all of the projects we have already completed, especially at times when I feel less motivated or creative. So, I decided to post before and current pictures of my house and add these photos to my Home Tour tab, which I am vowing to keep updated as we tackle more projects. I say before and current pics, before I don't feel that any room is 100% finished (I probably won't ever feel that way).

I have been struggling recently with the motivation to tackle more projects, so in full disclosure, this post is as much for myself, as it is for my readers. Here are before and after pics that I'll be adding to my home tour tab this week.

Check out the Home Tour tab anytime and come on in!

Exterior Before

Exterior Current 75% complete
*Updated Summer of 2011 with new carriage door trim
Completed Items:             
To Do planned for Spring 2013:
  • Landscape re-haul
  • Add retaining wall
  • New accent lighting
Entry Before

Entry Current 95% done
 To Do
  • Swap out curtain rod
 Dining Room Before
 Dining Room Current: 80% complete
To Do
  • Hang more art
  • Swap out curtain rod
  • Add metallic treatment to ceiling
Kitchen Before
 Kitchen Current: 90% done
To Do

Although I long for fancier counter tops and cabinets that extend to the ceiling, those updates aren't justifiable right now. I need to add a new rug and a new window treatment of sort, and then I will consider this room mostly done.

Breakfast Room Before

Breakfast Room Current: 50% complete
  • New rug
  • Window treatments
 To Do
  • Hang new light fixture
  • Replace DIY valances
  • Paint/stencil/wallpaper accent wall
  • Upgrade sconces on either side of sliding door
Great Room Before
 Great Room Current, 85% complete

To Do
  • Add rug
  • New media cabinet
  • Swap out window art
Half-Bath Before
Half-Bath Current, 90% complete
 To Do
  • Frame mirror
  • Perhaps paint the vanity

Guest Room Before
Guest Room Current, 90% complete
  • New paint
  • Chandelier hung
  • New bedding
  • Art hung
  • Refinished nightstand
  • Curtains with DIY ribbon trim hung
To Do
  • Find a small dresser to refinish

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom Current 90% done
To Do
  • New dresser
Master Bathroom Before

Master Bathroom Current 80% done
 To Do
  • Tile floors (hopefully very soon)
 Master Closet Before

Master Closet Current 80% done
 To Do
  • Add additional shelving
Laundry Room Before
Laundry Room Current 95% done
 To Do
  • Find prettier 'legs' to hold up counter top
 Office/Craft Room Before

 Office/Craft Room Current
Nothing new planned for now!

That's where we are now. We're in the middle of decorating Justin's 'music room', and we have a few projects for two of our bathrooms that should be complete in the next few weeks. As always, things are always changing around here. We would be bored if they weren't;)

How are things going at your house? Do you still have as many projects left on on your to-do list as we do?

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!


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