Saving Green Leads To Turning Green

On my latest thrift store run, I spotted this little guy-
I saw potential and the price was right-
I actually paid just $8, as I had a 20% coupon. Yep, I use coupons at thrift stores because I'm that cheap thrifty.

It's solid wood, except for a laminate covered top, so I decided to prime and paint instead of re-staining.

First step was wiping it clean, since old furniture from thrift stores don't usually come clean and pristine. Then, I did a light sanding. This block made it super easy to get a nice smooth surface without using a sander.
 Third step was to prime using my favorite primer of all time. I should own stocks in this stuff.
 Then comes the fun part...selecting the paint color. It's times like these that my hoarding of paint chips comes in handy.
I had selected Behr's Deserted Island, which is a nice dusty olive color. I wanted to bring in a little color to our great room but still keep it neutral and warm.
Once at Home Depot, I ended up finding a spray paint that was almost a perfect match. I grabbed 2 cans and figured spray paint would be much easier anyway. Lucky break!

While the paint was drying, I got to work on the brass handle, which was very tarnished. I tried my favorite recent cleaning find (click HERE to see it's magic on my glass shower doors) Bar Keepers Friends and was thrilled with the results.
FYI- I found the liquid version at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Depot.

The shiny brass after-

And now in all it's green glory-

 *Please note that the lamp was borrowed from my nightstand and this still needs to be properly styled. As soon as I find the perfect lamp and accessories for this cute little end table, I'll share updated pics.

Budget Breakdown
End Table $8
2 cans of spray paint $6.50
Primer $0 (already had)
Total for new end table $14.50!

love, S


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