DIY Accessory Wall

My Easy DIY Accessory Wall

Our master closet resembles a coat closet more than a typical walk-in closet. There is nothing master about it, unless you count mastering fitting 2 adults' entire wardrobes into a 3'x5' space.

In an effort to utilize every single square inch of precious closet space, I decided to create an accessory wall, a place to hang necklaces, scarves, belts etc.

For $17, I got a 8ft x 4ft piece of peg board that was primed on one side, unfinished on the other at Home Depot. I had it cut down to 6 feet in length and 30'' wide.
Because it would be too easy to leave it unpainted, I decided to paint it a pretty pale mint with some paint I had on hand. Feminine without being too frilly.
 *Please excuse my tired look. This was the morning after a bachelorette party.

Once painted, my sweet Justin prepared the wall. He mounted 3 blocks of wood to the studs. This creates more stability than screwing the peg board directly into the wall and provides space to hang hooks.

And it's up! Now comes the fun part...accessorizing. I picked up 2 packs of assorted hooks and started hanging each 'section'.
 You'll notice the oval mirror I hung in the middle of the board. This way I can quickly see if the necklace/scarf/etc looks alright.
 You'll notice that I also used this space to hang my pj's. It makes it super easy to grab a chemise to wear to bed.

Overall, I love it. Not only is it practical, I think it adds some nice color to my closet and makes accessorizing a breeze.
This system could also easy work for a man to hang ties, belts etc.

For about $25, I was able to create a customized accessory wall and make an otherwise blank wall, a source of storage and organization.

Do you have any small closet organization tips? Please share!

xoxo, S


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