Happy Halloween

From our 'haunted' house to yours. Be safe and have fun!
love, S&J


The Ultimate Road Trip: Texas Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram (@suburbanspunk), you may have noticed that I was in Texas last week!

1800 miles+60 hours+15 Starbucks stops+4 cities+2 friends= One priceless, ultimate road trip!
Hi Friends! I am back after taking off on a Texas adventure last week. My good friend George and I have talked about road trippin' it through Texas for years, and we finally made it! We came home with a packed car, empty wallets and memories to last.
Our road trip adventure started bright and early last Sunday morning. In hind sight, it was probably not the best idea to plan a 12.5 hour drive the day after a best friend's wedding but we tuckered through. I have to share a few pics from the wedding though. It was such a beautiful day!
I loved the vibrant yellow classic car that swept the newlyweds away!

Leaving at 9am, we passed through Wichita, Oklahoma City, Dallas and Austin before finally stopping in San Marcos, TX for the night at 11:30pm. I usually don't sleep that well in hotel beds, but that night I slept like a baby.
The next day, we grabbed Starbucks and headed to the holy grail of outlet malls: The San Marcos Premium Outlets. They say everything is bigger in Texas and well, it's true.
I spent about an hour in here-
 I ended up not buying a single thing from either Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma. Crazy, right? The bulk of the store was furniture. Although there were some good deals to be had, I didn't have the space or need for any furniture:(

 I did browse the lighting, window treatment and accent pillow sections, but sadly didn't find any must haves either.
I did get weak in the knees when I spotted this Williams Sonoma Home beauty. I wanted this desk bad. Real bad. But I didn't have any need for another desk and plus the $600 price tag was a little to rich for this girl. (My own desk was made for a measly five bucks.)

I spent the most time at the Restoration Hardware Outlet, and it was certainly my favorite outlet of them all. Just look at all that gorgeousness-

*I have to give a small shout out to the guys working at the RH Outlet. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. Plus, they were kind enough to reorganize the curtains/drapes after I ransacked them looking for 4 matching panels.

Here's a teaser pic of my splurge of the day-

These gorgeous Thai Silk Stripe Inverted Pleated Drapery retail for $459 per panel. They were marked $114.49. There was a promotion going on for $20 off every $100 you spend, so it made the panels $94.49...about 80% off!

In all honesty, I was terribly disappointed in the Crate and Barrel Outlet. The store seemed half-empty, the prices were not very discounted and it was the least organized of all the stores we visited. I quickly left empty-handed.
 An unfortunate let down.

We wrapped up here around 12:30 and headed to Austin, which is about 30 minutes North. We spent the afternoon in Austin and I fell in LOVE with this city! Seriously, I would move there in a heart beat. Thanks to a Yelp recommendation, we stopped at Frank for lunch.
Frank's offered a fantastic lunch, cool atmosphere and ridiculously cheap prices.

After walking around the city for awhile, we got back in the car and headed to Round Rock, TX. We arrived here at 5pm-

It was my first time visiting an Ikea. I had done lots of research before hand regarding store layout, products, etc. However, nothing really prepares you for just how massive the store really is, like unbelievably gigantic. After reading reviews and suggestions from other bloggers/shoppers online, I made my way through the 'Showroom' pretty quickly. I had also already downloaded a store list of the items I wanted to buy and where they were located in the the 'Marketplace'.

I ended up getting a slew of the 365 food storage containers, other random kitchen items, a couple of throws and a shelving unit (which I will share pictures of later this week).

After our Ikea adventure, we made the 2.5 hour drive North to Dallas, where we crashed for the night. Tuesday morning, we headed to the Galleria mall to visit my favorite clothing store (which we sadly do not have in Kansas City) Zara.

Got lots of goodies there:)

After walking around Dallas and enjoying a yummy lunch at Zizikis Taverna, a cute little Greek place

we made the 8 hour trek back home...exhausted.

Lessons Learned
  1. Thank goodness for i-phones. Mine was invaluable between navigating the drive, picking out great lunch spots and playing music when we were driving in no man's land Kansas, there is no way we would've had as easy or as fun of a time without it.
  2. Everything really is bigger in Texas. Everything from the numerous American flags that seemed to be outside of every gas station, mall and car dealership along the highway proudly flew the biggest flags I have ever seen. Love the patriotic pride!
  3. Yelp is my favorite i-phone app. We didn't do any real research into places to eat before our trip and relied solely on the reviews on Yelp to pick out where to eat. Guess what? We didn't have a bad meal or dining experience anywhere. Plus, we visited places that we probably would never have found on our own.
  4. Outlet malls are tricky. You have to be prepared to really hunt for your treasure. I was able to find 4 gorgeous Thai Silk Drapes from Restoration Hardware that retail for $459 each for a little less than $100/panel. However, I was literally on my hands and knees for half an hour digging through boxes and boxes of panels to find 4 that were the length, color and style that I needed.
  5. I love Texas! For reals. The people, food, weather and general feel of Austin and Dallas is amazing.

    Until next time Texas. I will think of you often and fondly.
    I will be sharing pics of all of my purchases this week:)
    xoxo, S


Friday Finds: Cost Plus World Market

It's been awhile since I have posted about my favorite finds of the moment. I am continuously looking for home decor. It's a weakness.

Lately, I have been loving the recently revamped website of Cost Plus World Market. Have you checked it out yet? There are countless swoon-worthy items that I've put on my 'Let's hurry up and finish our great room' list.

In no particular order, here are my current favorites from World Market-


(looks very Restoration Hardware-esque to me)

*I was in no way sponsored by World Market to write this blog post. I found these items on my own and wanted to share them with you:)
Have a lovely weekend!
xoxo, S


DIY Accessory Wall

My Easy DIY Accessory Wall

Our master closet resembles a coat closet more than a typical walk-in closet. There is nothing master about it, unless you count mastering fitting 2 adults' entire wardrobes into a 3'x5' space.

In an effort to utilize every single square inch of precious closet space, I decided to create an accessory wall, a place to hang necklaces, scarves, belts etc.

For $17, I got a 8ft x 4ft piece of peg board that was primed on one side, unfinished on the other at Home Depot. I had it cut down to 6 feet in length and 30'' wide.
Because it would be too easy to leave it unpainted, I decided to paint it a pretty pale mint with some paint I had on hand. Feminine without being too frilly.
 *Please excuse my tired look. This was the morning after a bachelorette party.

Once painted, my sweet Justin prepared the wall. He mounted 3 blocks of wood to the studs. This creates more stability than screwing the peg board directly into the wall and provides space to hang hooks.

And it's up! Now comes the fun part...accessorizing. I picked up 2 packs of assorted hooks and started hanging each 'section'.
 You'll notice the oval mirror I hung in the middle of the board. This way I can quickly see if the necklace/scarf/etc looks alright.
 You'll notice that I also used this space to hang my pj's. It makes it super easy to grab a chemise to wear to bed.

Overall, I love it. Not only is it practical, I think it adds some nice color to my closet and makes accessorizing a breeze.
This system could also easy work for a man to hang ties, belts etc.

For about $25, I was able to create a customized accessory wall and make an otherwise blank wall, a source of storage and organization.

Do you have any small closet organization tips? Please share!

xoxo, S


Saving Green Leads To Turning Green

On my latest thrift store run, I spotted this little guy-
I saw potential and the price was right-
I actually paid just $8, as I had a 20% coupon. Yep, I use coupons at thrift stores because I'm that cheap thrifty.

It's solid wood, except for a laminate covered top, so I decided to prime and paint instead of re-staining.

First step was wiping it clean, since old furniture from thrift stores don't usually come clean and pristine. Then, I did a light sanding. This block made it super easy to get a nice smooth surface without using a sander.
 Third step was to prime using my favorite primer of all time. I should own stocks in this stuff.
 Then comes the fun part...selecting the paint color. It's times like these that my hoarding of paint chips comes in handy.
I had selected Behr's Deserted Island, which is a nice dusty olive color. I wanted to bring in a little color to our great room but still keep it neutral and warm.
Once at Home Depot, I ended up finding a spray paint that was almost a perfect match. I grabbed 2 cans and figured spray paint would be much easier anyway. Lucky break!

While the paint was drying, I got to work on the brass handle, which was very tarnished. I tried my favorite recent cleaning find (click HERE to see it's magic on my glass shower doors) Bar Keepers Friends and was thrilled with the results.
FYI- I found the liquid version at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Depot.

The shiny brass after-

And now in all it's green glory-

 *Please note that the lamp was borrowed from my nightstand and this still needs to be properly styled. As soon as I find the perfect lamp and accessories for this cute little end table, I'll share updated pics.

Budget Breakdown
End Table $8
2 cans of spray paint $6.50
Primer $0 (already had)
Total for new end table $14.50!

love, S