New Chair/Great Room Progress

I realized that I haven't shared photos of our latest furniture purchase...a chair for our great room. Just to rewind, here is what our great room used to look like-

Then, we purchased this sofa-

Instead of getting a love seat, we planned on getting 2 accent chairs. Doesn't sound that hard, right? Well, we looked and looked and could not find anything that we loved. The upholstered chairs were either the wrong color or the pattern just didn't work. So, we narrowed our search down to leather. I also knew that I did NOT want an ottoman. I am not generally opposed to ottomans but believe they would take up too much visual space in this room, so a recliner would be best.

After looking all over town, we finally met an extremely helpful lady on our third trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart that showed us the one and only chair they had that fit our specifications.


they only had one in stock?!?

We ended up getting the one available chair and planned on ordering the second when it came back in stock in several weeks.

Actually now that it is here, we like the one chair only. I think another would make the room look too cluttered. Because our sofa is 99'' long, there is plenty of space to sit 3-4 people there, so the additional seat of another recliner really isn't needed.

Even fully reclined, there is ample space between the sofa and the coffee table.
 We love the nail head trim and pretty feet. Plus, it is 100% leather, so it will last for the long haul. If you would like more info or are interested in ordering this chair, message me for the details.

*On a side note, we are planning a trip to Dallas and Austin this Fall. We'll be stopping at Ikea and several other home furnishing stores that I have never been to before. We hope to pick up a rug for our great room and new window treatments. I can't wait to finish this space!

xoxo, S

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