Kathleen's Amazing Before and Afters

One of the best things about Facebook is that it allows you to reconnect with those that went away to a different college, moved to a different town or just plain lose touch with. Case in point, my friend from high school, Kathleen and I. Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, we became 'Facebook friends', reconnected and realized we had a shared appreciation of decorating and design.

When Kathleen shared pictures of her recent house renovations, I knew I had to share them. With a minimal budget, careful planning and help from dear old dad, she turned her basic house into a beautiful oasis.

First up, Kathleen's living room-

In one word...amazing! The best part is that Kathleen and her dad spent less than $100 on the fireplace mantel makeover. Doesn't it look like a million bucks? It just goes to show how much some paint and a little molding can make.

Here's what Kathleen had to say about the mantel makeover,

 'As for the mantel, my dad and I worked on that project after we realized that we wouldn't be able to rip the mirror off the wall without making large holes. We didn't want to have to replace the drywall, so we just decided to go right over the top of it. We used a piece of 4' x 8' white gloss panel and liquid nailed it directly on the mirror. Next, we used fluted molding for the left and right side and cut a rectangle out on each side to fit up against the mantel. To finish up, we placed a pediment piece across the top! Everything was liquid nailed to the wall and all the supplies were purchased at Lowe's! It was a super cheap project, under $100, and no mess of broken mirror or huge holes in the dry wall!'

Her kitchen started out a little plain as well:
 And then looked like this thanks to hours of hard work and lots of paint-
And is now complete with new granite counter tops-

Next up, her dining room space, which started out like this-
 And now looks like this after the half-wall was removed-

Last up is the bathroom area off her master bedroom. Here is the before:

And now it looks like a luxe hotel suite-
Didn't Kathleen do a great job?! I also want to Congratulate her on her recent nuptials as well. I can't wait to see what other projects her and her new hubby come up with!

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home with us!

*If you have any questions over the renovations above, please let me know and I will ask Kathleen for the details, and if YOU have a house project you'd like to share, please leave me a comment or email me at scsa25@gmail.com

Have a great week everybody! xoxo, Suzanne


  1. I was kathleen's roomie in this very house! So fun to see it on this blog. Lots of hard went into that house. We should have counted the number of carpet tacks we pulled out!

    1. Hi Jamie! I bet you girls shared lots of fun memories there. I have no doubt that LOTS of hard work, long hours and sore muscles went into that house! It's never easy remodeling but it's always worth it at the end:)


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