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I first met my dear friend Jes during our freshman year of college. She lived across the hall from me in our all-girls teeny-tiny dorm. We shared many laughs, clothes, trips to the cafeteria and even some tears (freshmen boys don't exactly make the best boyfriends) that year.
Jes and I freshman year of college circa 2001

Jes and I on her wedding day 11/11/11

One of things we immediately had in common was our love of decorating. Mind you, we were broke college kids living in a 10x10 dorm room, so we were a far cry from having any real design sense, but we appreciated it. Some of my favorite memories from that year was watching Trading Spaces with her every afternoon. Remember that show? Neighbors would re-do a room in each others' home, along with a designer's help and a tight budget. Seriously, we did not miss an episode.

Fast forward 11 years to present day. We are still great friends, still get together and still giggle like the little 19 year olds we used to be. However, we are now decorating our own homes. So, when Jes shared pictures with me of her recent dresser makeover, I knew I had to share them here.

Jes found this dresser at a thrift store and saw it's potential-
Thanks to some hard work and a whole of this-
She ended up with this-
Which now serves as the perfect media cabinet in her family room-
Didn't she do a great job?! I will always be amazed at what a difference paint can make. Some simple spray paint took this dresser that was stuck in the 1970s, all the way to present day. Love it!

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