One Man's Trash...

is this girl's treasure! When I shared pictures in the 'What To Buy and Not To Buy: Thrift Store edition', I did not include a photo of what I actually bought.

I found this matted, unframed print in a clear plastic cover:
I actually did not immediately pick this up, but I came back to it and checked the price:
I thought the colors would look perfect in our great room and the price was certainly right. So although I wasn't 100% crazy about it, I went ahead and bought it. I figured that if it didn't look any better out of the plastic and in a nice frame, I could sell it or donate it back, since it was just $3.

I then headed to Michaels and picked up a frame for it (I picked this up at the same time I got the frames for Justin's concert posters). The frame I selected was originally $49.99, on sale for $19.99, plus my 15% off additional coupon. The grand total came to $17.

As soon as i took of the plastic cover and slipped it in a frame, I loved it.
It's amazing how a new frame takes the print from old 70s photo to a pretty retro print.

And in full disclosure, the pic hangs above our toy storage. No, we don't have kids...just spoiled puppy dogs:
 For $20, we have a pretty piece of framed art. Can't beat that!
xoxo, S


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