Goin' to Market

Most cities have a weekend (or sometime full week) market and Kansas City is no exception. We typically go to a smaller market in our little suburb, but last Saturday we decided to head to the real deal downtown.

We were first greeted by this little bluegrass band...
 which provided some sweet background noise as we hit the aisles.

Rows and rows of every vegetable and fruit imaginable.

and spices and teas

We ended up getting a ranch spice mix, lemon pepper and garlic herb, plus green tea and chai tea. Each bag of spice was just $1!

Of course, I couldn't pass up looking at some of the decor pieces.

Thought this mason jar wine glass was country cute. This would be a super easy and cheap DIY project, perfect for a summer BBQ. Mason jar superglued to a cheap dollar store candle stick, done!

Thought these customizable signs from old license plates were fun. Love people who can re-purpose anything.

We were blown away that these gorgeous huge bouquets were just $5!
We both thought these would be a great buy for centerpieces for a wedding/shower/dinner party.

So, what did we end up with? A little bit of everything!
Flowers $5
6 ears of sweet corn $2
1/2 pound green beans $1
Cantaloupe $2
7 peaches $1
Assorted spices/teas $5
Bracelet *Justin bought for me
Dried pepper arrangement $5
3-tier lucky bamboo $10
Red planter and zinc vase BOGO Free 2/$17

Of course, I had to grab a few items for the house!
This dried chili pepper arrangement is my new favorite thing!
 So cute!

I also love this zinc bottle/vase.
And last but not least, the lucky bamboo in our new red pot.
'Lucky' bamboo is supposedly very easy to care for, so I'm crossing my black thumbs that I can keep it alive.
All in all, it was a fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning! We grilled out a few days after our shopping trip here, and the fresh grilled veggies were to die for, as was the lemon pepper chicken. We can't wait to go back and visit the 'spice guy' again.

Who knew the city market would be such a great source for home decor as well!

Have you made a trip to our city market this summer?

xoxo, S

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