Garage Makeover Phase I

Something has bothered me every single time I pulled into my garage at night...

It wasn't the general mess or lack of organization even, although I'm not proud of that either.
*for the record, all of that junk was already moved to the center of the garage in this pic. We could actually park in here:)

It was those walls. Those unpainted, chaotic looking walls.

Everyone said I was crazy when I would vent about how terrible the walls looked and that I planned on painting them. Lucky for me, Justin knows that when I get an idea in my head, I mean it. So, he didn't fight my neurosis.

Justin's dad has a buddy that paints houses. He very kindly donated a 5 gallon bucket of white paint to my cause. The best part is that Justin and his dad actually painted the entire garage themselves. I didn't even have to clean a paintbrush. Score.

I should mention that before the painting began, we did clean out the garage a little bit. We finally sold the china cabinet on Craigslist that had been sitting in the corner for a few months years. Every item, no matter how small or big got moved to the center of the garage floor. Then, the walls were hit with a shop vac and the floor swept.

Bam! White glossy walls. No more sheet rock peaking through. Now, we have a clean serene space.

Much better!

The door into our house looked especially bad, once the walls got a fresh coat of paint. Our cream-colored doors and trim looked dirty and dingy next to the white walls.

I broke out leftover black paint from our front door makeover and got to work.
You may have noticed that at this point, I decided to start priming and painting the stair rail.
 At this point, the temperature in the garage was a sweltering 100 degrees, so I didn't get to finish the door surround or the stairs...or the actual door:(

The garage was looking much better and we hadn't spent a dime!

This in-progress shot shows how much of a difference some paint can make-
 A huge thank you to Justin's dad for all of his help! We Justin couldn't have done it without you!

Phase 2- Install of DIY workbench, shelving, pegboard- Coming Soon!

xoxo, Suzanne

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  1. Our garage is painted (we bought it that way) and I was so excited about it! It was a "pro" when we were deciding which house to buy, lol! I've never understood why it's the norm.......of any space ins home needs to be painted, it's a garage. The black door looks so perfect, I'm considering painting mine black now. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. Anonymous8/03/2012

    It looks great now, love the black door!


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