We finally found The One!

I don't think I've ever been as excited to see a truck back into our driveway, as I was Saturday-
It is with great delight that I introduce to you our new sofa-
Where in the world did we find this awesome sofa??

Well, the sweet young couple that bought our old sofa & love seat came by Saturday morning to pick them up, and it was at that point that panic struck in. We stood in our near empty great room and realized we needed to find a sofa...soon! So, we jumped in the car and headed to the annual Madden McFarland Furniture Sale. We had searched online and in numerous local furniture shops for a sofa, but we hadn't found anything that we absolutely loved (or if we did, it was WAY over budget). So, we were crossing our fingers that we would find something. Lucky for us, Madden McFarland did not disappoint.

This was actually my first time checking out Madden McFarland Interiors. For those of you that may not be familiar with them, they are a design firm and boutique that started in 1920! As soon as we saw the sofa, we knew it was the one. The most important component for us was it's size. Our great room measures 19ft long and is 15ft wide, so we wanted a nice long sofa to fill the space. This sofa measures 99inches!

Second, we wanted a natural linen color, which this is.
Last but not least, we wanted a down wrapped cushion. As soon as sat down, we knew that it was the exact level of softness we were after, soft but not too soft.

We especially love the interesting lines and the extra high back. Since the side of the sofa is visible as you enter the room, we are crazy for the curved arm rests.
The best thing of all is that it was delivered about an hour after we purchased it, so we were only officially without a sofa for about 3 hours:)

One of my favorite features is that the back cushions are removable-
So, if I want to completely change the look and use large, colorful accent pillows along the back I could.

Because we bought this at their warehouse sale, we ended up paying about half of the retail price, which was still toward the high end of our budget. However, thanks to unloading 4 pieces of furniture on Craigslist last weekend, we used that $ towards this, so we hardly spent any money out of pocket. Even better!

Now the search is on for 2 new chairs.

*please note that this room is still a work in progress. We need to add a rug, more artwork and the garden seat will probably get painted a new color. The yellow popped nicely against the gray, but I'm not feeling it against the tan/taupe/natural color of this. The throw pillows shown above are ones I already had on hand and just threw them on for the time being.

Hope you have a great week! xoxo, S


  1. Hey! Love the new sofa! :-)

    My email is morganscanlon@hotmail.com. Happy early birthday and hope to hear from you soon!

    XO, M

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