Out with the old...

You may notice a big piece of our great room is missing...
Any guesses?

If it's not blatantly clear, this is how the room used to look..
 Yes, we FINALLY sold our sofa and loveseat! I have been talking about replacing them for quite awhile, but just never bit the bullet. I've been saving up for the past few months and am ready to purchase something new. I decided to put them on Craigslist over Memorial Day weekend to see if I would get any interest. Low and behold, they were sold to a sweet, young couple about 12 hours later.

The existing couches served me well the past several years. They were my first 'big' purchase when I graduated college and have been with me through apartment living and 2 houses. They were comfortable and still in great shape, but the dark, charcoal color just didn't quite work in this room. Plus, the overstuffed look had grown tired to me.

You're probably expecting me to post pictures of what we have bought to replace these, right?

Well...we do not have anything. As in, nothing on order, no furniture on it's way, not even 2 final contenders. In fact, I have NO clue what I'm going to buy just yet. We've been looking...online, in-stores, even Craigslist. I just haven't found the perfect replacement yet. But, I have faith. We're heading out to a furniture warehouse sale today and making a FOURTH trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart, and I think we'll find a winner soon.

Until then, it's blankets & pillows and picnic-style lounging...


  1. so glad you sold those couches! i'd like to sell mine, they look very similar to yours, and are microfiber. is that what yours were? did you have to do any spot cleaning? how did you go about doing it? sorry if this is all crazy question time, but i'm so super jealous that someone bought yours!

    1. @the cape- I'm so glad they are sold too! They were not microfiber, but a chenille/polyester blend (I think). I thoroughly cleaned them using the upholstery setting on our Dyson and did a spot treatment on one area. We don't have kids, don't allow the dog on them and are non-smokers, so there weren't any crazy stains, tears or major wear. I posted them on Craigslist and they were sold less than 24 hours later. I would recommend that you include measurements, details on fabric & condition and lots of clear pictures, if you post yours online. Good luck!

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