Copy Cat Coral

I see faux coral in lots of summer decor in magazines, websites and homes.

I hadn't hopped on the coral train yet though, mostly because I thought it seemed pricey for what it was.

Case in point-

 Pottery Barn Coral $99

Z Gallerie Large Faux Coral $59.50

A few days ago when I was perusing Bed Bath & Beyond, I happened to notice a large piece of faux coral in a pile of terrible Summer decor. A diamond in the rough so to speak.
I checked the price and was surprised to see just $19.99. Paired with my 20% off coupon, I knew that $16 for a large piece was a great deal. So, it found it's way into my cart and into our house.

Perfect little touch of the season.

If you are looking for faux coral, check out BB&B. It was actually hidden on a bottom shelf near the art. Love deals like this!


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