Spring Cleaning

Since I spent the majority of April preparing for the DIFFA event, my regular house projects were put on hold. I have been doing quite a bit of Spring cleaning however. I am ashamed to admit this, but I had let several spaces in my house get ridiculously messy.

Case in point, our tiny linen closet-

Not one of my prouder pics on the Internet.

I started by taking everything out and sorting the apparently large collection of mismatched bedding, towels and other randoms.
I'll spare you the play by plays, but I ended up collecting 4 large trash bags full of items to donate. I kept 3 sets of sheets for the master (King size) and three for the guest room (queen size). I also kept 4 sets of towels for the master, 3 for the guest and donated mismatched or extra towels.

I had 3 spare storage bins from BB&B clearance that I used to help consolidate loose items.

Such a huge improvement!

The bins store extra hair stuff, travel toiletries and pet grooming supplies.

And since our pool opens in just 5 days (crazy!?!), I decided to stash our pool supplies all together. My beach bag is already filled with sunscreen and tanning oil and sits on top of our beach towels. This way, we can quickly grab everything we need.

Next up was our cabinet holding our drinking glasses. I forgot to take a pic of the cabinet before but this pic probably gives you a good idea of the mess we looked at every day-

After donating 22 random glasses, it looks like this-

Here's the donation pile-

Feels amazing to get rid of the excess!

Also, our guest room makeover is underway!
I have one more weekend until we have visitors that will be occupying this room, so I'll be a busy girl the next few days. The room is nowcompletely painted. I am waiting for the chandelier to arrive and will be purchasing new bedding this weekend. Can't wait to see everything all together. Final reveal pics coming soon.

On an unrelated note, we've been having amazing weather lately. I hope you all have been able to enjoy the sunshine as well. We got to enjoy dinner out on the deck of Cafe Trio last night with this view of the Plaza-

View from our patio-

View of our front porch-

I love Kansas City in the Spring time...

xoxo, S

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