Plain Jane to Tiffany Blue

I like to think that everyone has a room in their house where their cast off furniture and random items that don't fit anywhere else go.Anyone? Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Our guest room has been our furniture dumping ground ever since we redid my office, which used to house random junk. Since we are expecting several visitors this summer, I thought I better get that room in shape. Don't want our overnight guests having any nightmares.

In full disclosure, here is the before pic. Please be kind and judge quietly.
Opposite view-
Not exactly the Hilton.

We gave ourselves a budget of $200 and a timeline of 1 weekend to turn this room into a space we weren't embarrassed to have our friends and family sleep in. I shared my plan for the room HERE. I wanted a neutral, simple pretty room.

First, we pulled the random furniture out. *For anyone that may be interested, the antique armoire and jewelry stand are for sale. I'll be posting them both on Craigslist this week.

Once furniture was moved out, I grabbed a gallon of paint that I already had on hand. It's Edgecomb Gray color matched to Glidden Duo paint.
 I like the color but once I started painting the window wall, I thought the room looked washed out and kinda blah. It needed some spunk:)

A few weeks ago, Ace Hardware gave away free quarts of their new line of paint. I picked up my free quart and randomly selected a pretty robin's egg blue shade. I had no idea what I was going to do with it at the time. On impulse and because I did not feel like going out in the rain to get more paint mixed, I thought I'd try the blue as an accent wall. The color is called Homeland C37-5.

 Much better!

At this point, you can see the new window curtains from Target as well as the new chandelier, which is pretty much my favorite thing. Like ever. It was purchased on Ebay for less that $75 and adds so much sparkle to the space!
I have a piece of furniture that is being painted right now, as well as accessories and art to add. Plus, the room needs to be properly styled, but it's already a gigantic improvement.

I'll post the final reveal this week, as it's about 95% done as of tonight.

Have a lovely week everyone!
xoxo, S

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  1. I love it Suzanne, oh that chandy is gorgeous!!


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