Memorial Day Weekened Plans

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Although this weekend will be spent celebrating 3 birthdays and enjoying a BBQ or two, we will also be tackling a few house projects! Since the weather is going to be great this weekend, we will be working on the exterior which I am stamp-your-feet-clap-your-hands-and-scream excited about.

Be safe all. xoxo-Suzanne


Guest Room Makeover Complete

Our guest room is finally complete!

This room literally took one weekend to put together and came in right at $200 total. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's about a million words worth:

Once more, the Before:
And now, the After:

The nightstand was an old one we already on hand purchased from Target several years ago. I had actually painted it awhile back, but it was starting to chip. The secret to painting laminate is to first prime with primer made for non-sanded surfases (like laminate). The ensures that the paint has something to adhere to. I did not do this when I first painted this a few years ago, and the paint has chipped pretty bad.
I used my favorite primer Zinsser and grabbed some leftover paint we had from Justin's 'man/music room'. I also purchased a new knob from Hobby Lobby for $2 (it was 50% off).
And it now looks like this-
The lamp was also previously purchased from Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $5. I spray painted it glossy white and added a new shade from Target.

Most accessories I already has on hand. The ceramic garden stool and accent pillows are from Home Goods.

In case you haven't gotten enough of this room, I actually filmed a short video tour. My first ever video shot and shot on my i-phone, so the quality is not great.
Here you go-

TGIAF! xoxo, S


Porch Planters and An Update

For the last couple of years, I have set out these DIY custom planters on our front porch. Directions/Info found HERE.

After a few summers in the Mid-West heat, they were looking a little ragged. So, when I spotted these copper planters on clearance from Target at the end of the season last summer, I snatched 2 up.

They were originally $50/each but had been marked down 50% off. Any comparable tall copper planters I could find online were WAY more expensive, so I knew that $25 for these was a great deal.
They sat in the garage over winter until it was finally warm enough to plant some flowers and set them up.

The height makes such a big difference.

I also wanted to give an update on the carriage door trim I added last summer.
Here was the before-

Here is the current after-

We only used Liquid Nails to adhere the metal trim and it has held up nicely through heat, snow, wind and hail. The hardware is holding on nice and strong. Click HERE for the original post regarding the hardware and installation.

Hope you're having a great week!
xoxo, S


Plain Jane to Tiffany Blue

I like to think that everyone has a room in their house where their cast off furniture and random items that don't fit anywhere else go.Anyone? Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Our guest room has been our furniture dumping ground ever since we redid my office, which used to house random junk. Since we are expecting several visitors this summer, I thought I better get that room in shape. Don't want our overnight guests having any nightmares.

In full disclosure, here is the before pic. Please be kind and judge quietly.
Opposite view-
Not exactly the Hilton.

We gave ourselves a budget of $200 and a timeline of 1 weekend to turn this room into a space we weren't embarrassed to have our friends and family sleep in. I shared my plan for the room HERE. I wanted a neutral, simple pretty room.

First, we pulled the random furniture out. *For anyone that may be interested, the antique armoire and jewelry stand are for sale. I'll be posting them both on Craigslist this week.

Once furniture was moved out, I grabbed a gallon of paint that I already had on hand. It's Edgecomb Gray color matched to Glidden Duo paint.
 I like the color but once I started painting the window wall, I thought the room looked washed out and kinda blah. It needed some spunk:)

A few weeks ago, Ace Hardware gave away free quarts of their new line of paint. I picked up my free quart and randomly selected a pretty robin's egg blue shade. I had no idea what I was going to do with it at the time. On impulse and because I did not feel like going out in the rain to get more paint mixed, I thought I'd try the blue as an accent wall. The color is called Homeland C37-5.

 Much better!

At this point, you can see the new window curtains from Target as well as the new chandelier, which is pretty much my favorite thing. Like ever. It was purchased on Ebay for less that $75 and adds so much sparkle to the space!
I have a piece of furniture that is being painted right now, as well as accessories and art to add. Plus, the room needs to be properly styled, but it's already a gigantic improvement.

I'll post the final reveal this week, as it's about 95% done as of tonight.

Have a lovely week everyone!
xoxo, S


Spring Cleaning

Since I spent the majority of April preparing for the DIFFA event, my regular house projects were put on hold. I have been doing quite a bit of Spring cleaning however. I am ashamed to admit this, but I had let several spaces in my house get ridiculously messy.

Case in point, our tiny linen closet-

Not one of my prouder pics on the Internet.

I started by taking everything out and sorting the apparently large collection of mismatched bedding, towels and other randoms.
I'll spare you the play by plays, but I ended up collecting 4 large trash bags full of items to donate. I kept 3 sets of sheets for the master (King size) and three for the guest room (queen size). I also kept 4 sets of towels for the master, 3 for the guest and donated mismatched or extra towels.

I had 3 spare storage bins from BB&B clearance that I used to help consolidate loose items.

Such a huge improvement!

The bins store extra hair stuff, travel toiletries and pet grooming supplies.

And since our pool opens in just 5 days (crazy!?!), I decided to stash our pool supplies all together. My beach bag is already filled with sunscreen and tanning oil and sits on top of our beach towels. This way, we can quickly grab everything we need.

Next up was our cabinet holding our drinking glasses. I forgot to take a pic of the cabinet before but this pic probably gives you a good idea of the mess we looked at every day-

After donating 22 random glasses, it looks like this-

Here's the donation pile-

Feels amazing to get rid of the excess!

Also, our guest room makeover is underway!
I have one more weekend until we have visitors that will be occupying this room, so I'll be a busy girl the next few days. The room is nowcompletely painted. I am waiting for the chandelier to arrive and will be purchasing new bedding this weekend. Can't wait to see everything all together. Final reveal pics coming soon.

On an unrelated note, we've been having amazing weather lately. I hope you all have been able to enjoy the sunshine as well. We got to enjoy dinner out on the deck of Cafe Trio last night with this view of the Plaza-

View from our patio-

View of our front porch-

I love Kansas City in the Spring time...

xoxo, S