DIFFA Dining By Design 2012

Hello Friends,

I'm back after a whirlwind weekend, which began Thursday night with setting up for this year's Dining By Design event. Friday was a cocktail party. Saturday morning included a public walk through (which our parents came to). Saturday evening was a black tie gala and Sunday morning was the teardown. Lots of late nights and early mornings, but it was totally worth it.

After my bright and bold orange table last year, I decided to go more subdued and formal this year. Sometimes a classic color palette, such as black and white, is more chic and fresh than a trendy combo. As I do with all projects, I kept a tight budget, coming in around $100.

I used basic white table linens as the base of the tablescape. I then folded 4 black table linens in thirds and laid them across the table to create wide black stripes. *linens were provided by the convention center
 My sweet boyfriend was a huge help and even laid a fun pattern on the floor beneath our table with metallic gold tape. In a huge open convention center, this really helped define our space.

Before the event my friend and table helper, George, and I cut out hundreds of gold dots from scrapbook paper and gold poster board with inexpensive hole punches from Hobby Lobby. The gold 'confetti' was spread throughout the table.

I then used lots of candles up and down the table for extra glisten, including plain vases from the dollar store that I dunked in water and then sprayed with gold spray paint. The mix of water and paint gives an uneven, mercury-glass look.
Outdoor garden gazing balls were used as our centerpiece, as well as a large vase purchased from Home Goods a few years ago. This was actually the same large vase we used on our first DIFFA table.
I thought interesting coasters would be a fun little extra, so I grabbed some glass dominos and created coasters at every setting. I also purchased champagne splits (mini-bottles) in bulk at a local liquor store. I think they are the cutest thing and the guests loved taking them home.
The gold charger plates were purchased 2 years ago at Old Time Pottery for $1/each. The clear plates were purchased recently at the Dollar store. The plain black napkins were folded and tied with ribbon for a bow-tie look. It's a super easy and quick detail that made an impact on each plate.

The 2 tall black lanterns were from a local decor warehouse sale and were just $10 each. The table needed the height to balance things out. The gold and black textured candlesticks are from Pier One. They were gorgeous in person.

The event was a huge success. I especially loved meeting other local designers, which were all truly inspiring. I'll leave you with a few more shots of the table. I had planned on reusing some of these items in my own home after the event, however one of the sweet couples that sat at my table offered to buy the ENTIRE table! So, I have packed up my car with the plates, confetti, candlesticks and centerpiece and am dropping off the items tomorrow. I'm so happy that my design will be gracing someone's home:) It made my whole week!

Budget Breakdown
Linens $0 provided
Chargers $10 (purchased 2 years ago for $1/ea)
Clear plates $10 from the dollar store
Black lanterns $20 ($10/ea)
Centerpiece $45 *small globe $10, med globe $15, large vase $20
Sticks in large vase $0 *already had on hand
Various candle holders $0 *already owned. All were purchased at various thrift stores for less than a dollar a pop
*Champagne bottles were given as a gift. In case you are interested in purchasing, we bought 12 bottles for $36 total.

love, S