The Almost-Complete Office/Craft Room Reveal

Hello All! I've spent the past couple weekends working on finishing up my craft room and we are SO CLOSE to being 100% done, that I cannot hold it in any longer.
To fully appreciate the 'After', let's reflect on the Before:

Oy! The terrible, baby blue wall color wasn't doing much for the space nor was the sparse leftover-from-college furniture.

First up, paint! I posted about the new wall color and chevron accent wall HERE.

Second, a $16.99 thrifted dresser was morphed into a funky storage space for my craft and paint supplies. Old, $2 shutters were transformed into a display wall. More details found HERE.

Third step was to create an appropriate-sized workspace.
This is where my boyfriend's sweet and wonderful mother stepped in. A few months ago, she asked me if I'd want some old file cabinets that her work was no longer using. As soon as I heard my favorite word, FREE, I said yes please! We picked up two standard, 2-drawer file cabinets. Originally, I was just going to leave them as is and keep them in the basement for extra storage. After several weeks of them sitting in our garage though, I thought I could paint those (shocking for me, right? :) and use them for the base of a desk.

*We scored these for free, but you can usually find them in thrift stores or on Craigslist for a couple of bucks.
Justin pried off the hardware and I gave them a good cleaning.Then, we slathered them with Zinsser Bullseye Primer, the one that adheres to any surface without sanding, a.k.a. the best product ever! I then spray painted the cabinets with glossy white spray paint.

Looking better already. But then, we were faced with the desk top...or lack thereof. Instead of heading to a hardware store and looking for an expensive thick piece of wood to use, we headed to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to look for old wood or some other appropriate material. As soon as we walked in and saw the large stack of old doors, we both knew that was it. We found a door the appropriate size that was smooth solid wood without any difficulty. The best thing...it was  a mere $5!!!

The door got wiped down with Clorox wipes, sanded and primed. My first thought was to paint it glossy white too, but because my spray paint collection was running low and I didn't want to have to run to the store, I grabbed left over paint from the chevron wall.

After three coats or so, it looked great. The only thing was that the bottom of the door was uneven and had a few chips. Since it would be visible once the door was placed on top of the cabinets, we would need to do something to cover up the eye sore.  Luckily, this was an easy fix. We picked up some inexpensive trim at Home Depot and nailed it around the edges of the door. I then painted the trim and it transformed the old door into a solid desktop.

Justin wanted to get creative, so he tried mimicking the chevron pattern on the cabinet door fronts, but we both ultimately decided it was too busy and painted those the same solid gray as the counter top.

Viola! A new large desk for a measly five bucks.

Finally, the next step was accessorizing.

I knew I wanted ample lighting at the desk, so I began looking for a large lamp. New large lamps = $$$ however. I browsed my favorite thrift store and found this "beauty" for $6.99.

After some glossy purple spray paint and a lampshade from Walmart, she was looking mighty fine.

I used the same purple spray paint to cover the flimsy card board backing of my el cheapo bookcase. Yep, the infamous flimsy, particle board bookcase that everyone owns at some point in their life...usually in college. They retail between $10-$15. The purple backdrop is really nice against the pale gray. I added some accessories, including a metal basket and faux-leather storage container  purchased for free at Office Depot using my reward points and a pair of new, empty paint cans from Ace Hardware. My DIY melted crayon art adds some bright color. Instructions found HERE.

Whew! are you still with me? I say the room is *almost* complete because two items are still unfinished. First, the $2 brass chandelier from the ReStore is still not hung yet, nor have I found a print to fill the huge 24x36 frame that is leaning on the desk. I want something pretty muted and will probably end up DIYing something, as I am not having good luck finding an affordable 18x24 print in the right colors or design.

In full disclosure, the room currently looks like this-
With  huge ladder in the middle of the room waiting for the chandelier to be installed.

I am already in love with this space though. Head over heels in love. Is it the most amazingly decorated room out there? Absolutely not. Will everyone be so smitten with it? Nope. Admittedly, the love affair is not with the decor exactly, but the functionality of the room makes my heart go pitter patter. The smallest room in the house (10x11) offers me ample storage and space to create, work and design, and that my friends, is true love.

Anyone else make their own desk? Do you have a craft room/office that you love? Please share!
love, S


  1. Love your desk! What a great piece of furniture to have for only $5!

  2. Wow, Suzanne! I love the wall and your desk and can't wait to see the reveal! It's looking SO good!

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