The Perfect Makeup Organizers

If you read my blog last Fall, you probably saw the numerous posts about our master bathroom make-over. I'm still thrilled with my decision to paint our vanity and doors charcoal gray. It makes the space much more dramatic and interesting. Here it is in it's current state-

Now that the room is decorated, I decided to re-focus on the organization. I have posted before about my favorite bathroom organizers-

Those handy cabinet-door holders helped corral my hair products and lotions. However, my makeup was left stuck in a messy makeup bag. I found THESE handy drawer-organizers in the kitchen section at Bed Bath & Beyond and knew they would be perfect.
I used one large tray with dividers and then a smaller tray that is made to hang from the sides of the drawer, above the bottom tray.

Here is the large bottom tray-

Starting from the top right: foundations, mascaras, eye primer and my beloved Maybelline under-eye brightener and eye shadows. The bottom half holds makeup brushes, primer, blush and bronzer.

The second tray looks like this-

It has several smaller compartments which hold hair ties, lip gloss, etc.
Here it is over the bottom tray-
 Looking down into the drawer-

It's amazing how these little trays have made my morning makeup routine much quicker and easier. I love being able to see all the products and not have to dig around the bottom of the makeup bag to find a specific item.


  1. Love the bathroom and how you organize all your things.

  2. I love this idea! I am eventually going to be moving into an apartment, and this will be perfect for my make-up when I do! I have like three make-up bags in my bathroom right now, and it's difficult to do the shuffle through them to find what I need each day. I even down-sized my collection and threw away stuff I don't ever use, but I still have way too much stuff.

  3. Looks great! What color paint did you use? I love the color!

    1. Thanks Diane! The color of the vaniety is Charcoal Sketch by BH&G. It's a great mix of black, gray with a hint of dark brown undertone. Feels much warmer than straight black.


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