Shimmy Shake Wall Art

I spotted this gorgeous wall accent on Pinterest  found HERE

However, the 20-step instructions and time commitment gave me a headache. I thought I could probably come up with something *similar* pretty easily.

After a weekend trip to Home Depot to pick up some paint, I saw a display of wood shims and got an idea...

I then picked up a piece of inexpensive trim and a thin piece of plywood. We went with a small sheet (36''x30'' I think) that was just $6.99 The shims were $1.48/pack of 12 eight inches wood shims. I also picked up a small trial-size can of stain.

Here is my version of that pretty wood panel in 5 simple steps, which took about 20 minutes from start to finish:

1. Gather materials and prepare the plywood.
I started with laying out the piece of plywood and cutting the trim to frame it. Because the trim was so small, I had a difficult time trying to do a miter cut (i.e. the corner cuts), so I ended up doing straight cuts. I knew the trim frame would barely be noticeable anyway.
2. Decide on a pattern
I then laid out the shims in different directions to see what pattern I like best. I love the natural variations of the shims!
I liked horizontal the best and decided to do the whole panel that way.

3. Start gluing!
I completely forgot to pick up wood glue, so I ended up trying my hot glue gun and it worked perfect! I alternated the direction of the shims row by row. *I recommend laying down an old towel or some cardboard, as the glue can be messy and the shims are a little dirty.

This took all of about 10 minutes.

4. Stain away!
 I then did a thin coat of stain over the entire piece. I wanted the grain to show through, so I used a semi-transparent stain in a medium color.

5. Add a hook on the back to display. Step back and admire your work!

Obviously, this is much smaller and not nearly as pretty than the inspriation pic. However, it can be made to any size you need, takes less than an hour and is very affordable. Plus, it can be stained/painted to fit any decor. 

*If you already have extra trim, stain and plywood around, this could be done for a few bucks.

This is going in our extra bedroom that we spent the weekend painting. I can't wait to show pics of the room later this week.

Have a great week! love, S


Quick and Easy Custom Valentine

Justin and I decided not to exchange gifts for Valentine's Day this year. It was 100% at my urging. I don't need candy, stuffed animals or random cheesy pink items, plus we are saving up for a couple of big items...like a sofa. I still wanted to do something for him though, and I thought some custom 'artwork' would fit the bill.

I came across this easy tutorial from the blog Black/White Side to Side to create your own word art in a heart shape. The best part is that it uses Microsoft Paint...not some fancy software program. This is a great tutorial and I followed each step to create this-

I played around with different text, including Happy Valentine's Day, I Love You etc, but it seemed too generic and holiday-specific. So, I decided to try using the lyrics from our favorite song, 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. We heard this song on our first date and both immediately loved it. I tried out different fonts and color options, but settled on black with one line in red. I loved the simplicity of it.

I printed it off on heavy card stock and cut it down to fit into a 5x7 frame I already on hand. Viola! Easy, custom DIY artwork.

 There's still time to get this done to surprise your Valentine! This could also be done with wedding vows or dates of significant life events.

In case you aren't aware of Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, listen to it here.

Happy Valentine's Day! love, S


The Perfect Makeup Organizers

If you read my blog last Fall, you probably saw the numerous posts about our master bathroom make-over. I'm still thrilled with my decision to paint our vanity and doors charcoal gray. It makes the space much more dramatic and interesting. Here it is in it's current state-

Now that the room is decorated, I decided to re-focus on the organization. I have posted before about my favorite bathroom organizers-

Those handy cabinet-door holders helped corral my hair products and lotions. However, my makeup was left stuck in a messy makeup bag. I found THESE handy drawer-organizers in the kitchen section at Bed Bath & Beyond and knew they would be perfect.
I used one large tray with dividers and then a smaller tray that is made to hang from the sides of the drawer, above the bottom tray.

Here is the large bottom tray-

Starting from the top right: foundations, mascaras, eye primer and my beloved Maybelline under-eye brightener and eye shadows. The bottom half holds makeup brushes, primer, blush and bronzer.

The second tray looks like this-

It has several smaller compartments which hold hair ties, lip gloss, etc.
Here it is over the bottom tray-
 Looking down into the drawer-

It's amazing how these little trays have made my morning makeup routine much quicker and easier. I love being able to see all the products and not have to dig around the bottom of the makeup bag to find a specific item.


Spring Fever

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my sneak peek photo on Friday. I stopped by Home Goods on the way home from work and picked up several colorful pieces to add to the house. It's this time of year that I start getting really antsy for Spring and crave the fun, fresh colors of the new season, so I was anxious to bring in some much needed color. I'm going to be dividing up my finds in a few posts, as I got pieces for a couple of different rooms.

First up...new art for our great room!
Even though it is a large piece of art at 3 feet tall with bold, bright colors, I think the abstract design is muted enough to not be too much.

 I layered an old mirror, a picture frame and horseshoe purchased from Hobby Lobby for $2 for some luck:)
I also picked up a bright yellow garden seat in a funky pattern. As soon as I saw it, I just couldn't resist, especially as it matched the new art perfectly!
Isn't it fun?!
I went on a bit of a shopping spree! Can't wait to show the rest of the finds.
xoxo, s