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I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. Where does the time go?!? The past few weeks have been spent enjoying the usual holiday festivities and putting in lots of hours at the office. However, we have also been on a huge purge-fest at home. So far, we've filled up 4 carloads of  stuff...old holiday decor, ill-fitting clothes, random castoff cups and plates, the list goes on and on. It felt great to clean out the basement and closets and donate all our unused items.

Which brings me to my 2012 goals (I realize it's already 1/11/12, so perhaps I should add punctuality to this list):

1. Organization- Justin and I are excited to start a family, so we want to use our child-free time now to get our house in tip-top shape. This means every nook and cranny is organized and that we have extra unused space to store all the future items we are sure to accumulate once kids come. We also have plans to redo the master closet, which I am PSYCHED about! I want to focus on function as much as design when working on our future house projects.

2. Money, Honey...well, Financial Security to be proper-2011 was an important step for me financially. I paid off my car (amazing feeling!), never carried a balance on my credit card and have been building up my savings. We plan to get even more disciplined this year and I want my student loans to be paid off by the end of 2012. As I get closer to 30, I am realizing the importance of saving for my future family...not just enough for me alone to get by.

3. Strengthen Our Spiritual Life- Justin and I received a mailing from a local church that is offering a 6-week course on Love, Sex and Marriage. We decided to attend the first session (this past Sunday) and check it out. We both loved it. We come from different religious backgrounds but found common ground at this church. We're looking forward to attending the remainder of the series, as well as continuing to attend regular service together. Click on the image below for more info (including an option to attend online) for this amazing series on relationships-

4. Continue House Projects...Hello! :) Our focus on the house this year includes:
  •  Installing custom shelving in our basement, which will hold labeled storage containers *everything* in our basement.
  • Build a workbench and storage in the garage. This is my inspiration picture...                                        
  • Add all new landscaping to the front exterior
  • Redo our guest room
  • Finish my office
  • Complete master closet makeover
  • Purchase new table for breakfast room. I am currently obsessed with this dining table redo from Christina's BLOG. Visit the link for all the details. Her creativity is inspiring! 
  • Purchase new furniture in great room...this is a long time coming!
  • Collect more of THESE containers for our pantry makeover
  • Lots of miscellaneous fun, little projects:)
I plan on getting back to the fun projects this weekend! See you soon. love, S




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