A Look Back Part 2: House Updates

Because my house to-do list seems to grow longer every year not shorter (due to Pinterest, Houzz, and other bloggers constantly giving me new ideas), I want to take a moment to look back on what we did accomplish in 2011. It's pretty easy to focus on what's left to-do, but it just as important to remember what's been done and how far the house has come.

Here are my top 6 favorite house projects this year:

1. Laundry Room Makeover

Let's not forget how it started-

This is hands-down my favorite project of the year. No more dirty clothes on the floor, fallen socks behind the dryer, spilled detergent. It doesn't just look better, the whole room functions so much more efficiently. I LOVE the wall hooks and use them even more than I thought I would. The counter top makes sorting/folding clothes much easier. I still need motivation to start doing the laundry, but once I start I stay on top of it to keep the room nice and clean:) I just realized that I never posted about the DIY clothespin chandelier. It was a cinch to make and let than $15 in supplies. I found THESE instructions from YoungHouseLove. More details found HERE

2. Master Bathroom

Why are bathrooms so hard to photograph?!?

And a look back at the basic before-

This makeover comes in at a close second for favorite project of the year. We refinished the vanity, framed the mirror, upgraded the light fixtures, created DIY curtains, a small wall o' mirrors, refinished the doors and added a great big fancy shower head. This was all done on a budget of less than $200. All the details and better pics found HERE.

3. Garage Door Hardware Upgrade

And the boring before-

We turned our plain garage doors into carriage doors in an afternoon. The ultimate-strength Liquid Nails has held up the hardware in snow, rain, wind and hot sun and is still holding strong. It's amazing how something so small and can make that much of an impact on the exterior of your home. Info about the process found HERE.

4. Random Assortment of DIY arts/crafts

Thanks to being introduced to Pinterest earlier this year, I have a new favorite site for DIY inspiration. As a result, my walls are becoming much more colorful thanks to the paint chip art, crayon art, cork letter and button letter.

5. Office makeover *still in progress

And a look back to the before-

My office got a funky chevron stripe wall treatment, a thrifted old dresser painted hot pink and a shutter display wall. Unfortunately, I lost steam on the rest of the room. I plan on finishing this Spring with a new desk and maybe a bookshelf for added storage. The *easy* chevron wall tutorial can be found HERE.

6. General Kitchen Updates

Because everyone likes a good bad before shot-

Since our house is less than 4 years old, it doesn't need any major work (thank goodness!). However, it takes time to breath life into a blank slate. Our kitchen has been a slow work in process. I simply loathe the space between the cabinets and ceilings, so the decor up there is always changing. I'm slowly saving my pennies to hopefully one day install a second set of cabinets to take them all the way up to the ceiling but that is a long ways down the road. This year, I added more color to the decor, created hand and dish soap dispensers from dollar store finds and added some fun artwork from Etsy. The breakfast room also got some new DIY funky curtains. Nothing too earth-shattering but a bit of an improvement. More details HERE.

I have plenty of projects to keep us busy throughout 2012! Can't wait to get to work and share with everyone:)
Have a great week. love, S

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