$10 bar cabinet redo/Painting laminate info

I spotted this bar cabinet at my favorite thrift store for $10. Let's be honest....it wasn't pretty. The previous owner had stapled ugly, cheap brown fabric to cover the wine storage.
Oh and added a beautiful blue bow! I think it makes it, don't you agree? ;)

Once I got it home, I immediately ripped off those brown curtains. Already a huge improvement!

I then spray painted the entire piece with oil-bronzed spray paint. Three coats along with a sealant was all it needed to turn it into this-

It still needs to be properly stylized. I plan on adding a colorful tray to corral all my bar gadgets, but for now I love it! Since I already had paint on hand, the entire project was just $10. It gives me plenty of storage for our wine glasses and bottles, without taking up a lot of space. Best of both worlds!

*I wasn't able to find much info online about painting laminate furniture. Since it can't be sanded down like real wood, I was nervous about spray painting not sticking to the surface. Because the piece was so inexpensive, I went ahead and tried anyways. I used Krylon spray paint and did three thin, even coats. I let each coat dry for 24-48 hours in between coats. I then used a clear sealant and left it to sit in my garage to completely cure for 3 days. Since it is sitting in my formal dining room, it does not get a lot of use, so the finish still looks great. There hasn't been any scratches or nicks yet. I would advise using a primer if you plan on painting a piece of laminate that will get lots of use, along with 2 coats of sealant for extra protection. Hope that helps!


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