September To-Do's

I think most people are familiar with the term 'spring cleaning'. I prefer to do this sort of deep-cleaning more than just once a year, in fact, I deep clean at the start of every season. Over the long Labor Day weekend, I spent most of Saturday doing my 'September cleaning' list.

I used this article from Style at Home as a guide. The article lists the following 10 items to complete in September (my notes are in blue):

1 Cut the clutter
Getting organized is a significantly easier task when there's less stuff to deal with. So before tackling bigger projects, sweep through your house and clear out any clutter that's accumulated while you've been outdoors enjoying the hot and sunny weather. *I did an annual purging of my closets and created 2 piles: donate and toss. I also went through my pantry, linen and bathroom closet and tossed expired food, meds etc.

2 Start your fall garden clean-up

After a long summer enjoying your garden, it's time to start preparing it for the winter chill. Read our suggestions for mid-September garden chores, set aside a few hours on a sunny afternoon and get started! *We spent some time pulling weeds that had invaded my rose bushes, trimmed shrubbery and tossed the flowers that didn't make it through the Summer heat.

3 Organize the broom closet
Your household chores will go a lot faster once your cleaning supplies are under control. Check out our suggestions for a clutter-free broom closet -- including organization ideas for those of us without one! *I went through my cleaning supplies and purchased more of what I was low on (Pine Sol, Pledge Floor Cleaner etc). I keep cleaning supplies for my first floor in the pantry (away from food!) and the upstairs cleaning supplies are kept in my newly complete laundry room.

4 Get a head start on holiday correspondence
It may only be September, but it won't be long before it's time to decorate and prepare for the holiday season. One thing you can get out of the way right now is organizing your stationery and writing supplies. Make sure your address book is up to date and plan ahead for buying stamps, cards and invitations. *Yikes, I haven't even thought about this!

5 Prep the front hall closet for winter coats

With the fall fashion season comes a closet full of coats, whether they're new purchases or taken out of storage and dry-cleaned. Don't be caught scrambling for a coat on the first chilly morning of autumn! *I consolidated my winter coats into one closet in an extra bedroom and tossed gloves that were missing it's pair etc. It pained me to even look at Winter wear but I feel better now that it's all done.

6 Catalogue the summer's photos
Whether your camera is digital or old-fashioned, if you want to enjoy your summer photos come fall and winter, they need to be organized. We've got solutions for both your boxes and envelopes full of photos and the files on your computer. *Yes, I went through and uploaded all my pics on my memory card and organized them in e-files (my birthday, house projects, lake time etc). It feels so nice to have this done and now I'm not worried about losing my memory card.

7 Focus on clean air
As the weather gets cooler and you keep windows open less often, your home will be getting less and less fresh air from outside. Help keep indoor air quality high by clearing chemicals (try switching to biodegradable cleaning products) and investing in a few new houseplants -- English ivy, peace lilies and gerbera daisies are top picks for cleaning indoor air of pollutants. * We FINALLY have had some nice, bearable weather in Kansas City. After weeks of 100+ degree weather, I have taken full advantage of the much cooler weather this week. Every square inch of the house has been dusted and cleaned and the windows have been open with a nice breeze of fresh air blowing through the house.

8 Pet peeves begone!
Pick one thing (or more!) in your house that drives you crazy -- whether it be the plastic containers always falling off the kitchen shelves or the shoes that pile up in the entryway -- and fix it. Then sit on the couch with a cup of tea and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. *My random and lackluster accent pillows on my sofa have bothered me for months. On a whim during my lunch hour today, I stopped in HomeGoods and purchased a couple of fun, colorful pillows. I can't believe I waited so long to do this!

9 Get started on fall entertaining

As patio party season ends, the time for more formal indoor entertaining begins. But don't hesitate to throw a few last al fresco parties if the weather holds up! Pick up a few new cookbooks and start testing recipes, and then work on invitations for your next dinner party. *We hosted a Labor Day BBQ for our families. It was a great day and a wonderful way to say goodbye to Summer (as sad as that it). 11 adults and 3 kiddos ate burgers, brats and dogs and enjoyed each other's company. Truly, a great day! Excited to host another dinner party in the near future as well.

10 Plan your next project
From a major kitchen reno to a paint touch-up in the guest bedroom, any home project will go smoother if it's well planned. Even if you're still in the dreaming stage, that's no reason not to plan! Pick up some books and magazines for inspiration and spend a morning with them and a cup or two of coffee -- and a notebook to jot down ideas! *I keep a checklist of all the home projects I want to complete. My only problem is for every item I check off, I find myself adding 2 new to-do's! I did get to check off quite a few this weekend.

I hope this Style at Home article helped you as much as it did me. I keep a clean house and have a general checklist that I go through. However, it's always nice to have a fresh perspective and inspiration when it comes to organizing and cleaning.

Happy (almost) Fall Y'all! -S


  1. I love this and thank you for sharing.

  2. So smart! I may need a glass of wine before I even start thinking about organizing my house though.

  3. Thanks Jbsoffel!

    @Emily-I celebrated my hardwork with a bottle of Trader Joe's 2 buck chuck:) Well worth all the hassle of cleaning!


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