Mary Carol Garrity's House Tour

Mary Carol Garrity is one of my design idols. Not only does she own/manage 2 wildly successful stores entitled Nell Hills, have  her own line of paint but she has also written a series of decorating books to name just a few of her accomplishments. Two years ago, I was able to tour her home which she graciously opens up to the public one weekend of the year for the first time. I posted about her 2009 holiday home tour HERE.

When I got an email saying that this year's open house would be taking place in September, I knew I couldn't miss it. My boyfriend's sweet mom and I made the drive up to Atchison, KS and got to walk through her house. I hope you find it as inspiring as we did! Enjoy. -S

The 140 year old house has a grand staircase-

The cozy study with matte black doors, grass cloth wall covering and plaid curtains-

Every available wall space is filled with art. Love her mix of vintage trays, prints and plates around and above her doorways-


  1. Her home and style is just amazingly beautiful! Glad you were able to do the tour. I've always wanted to do it. Someday I'm sure! :)

  2. Anonymous1/25/2012

    The tour looks lovely. I have Mary Carol Garrity's book Feather Your Nest which contains a glimpse into her home. You made it fun to see the changes she has made. Thank you for posting!


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